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Marcus. A true leader.. or???

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I have a small problem with Jeremiah. And it is the character of Marcus. Everyone at thunder mountain is always talking about how great he is and what a leader he is. But what I have seen of him this far, he is an antisocial, confused kid plagued by indecision!!!

I truly hope that his character will grow a bit in the future. Because this great leader has so few true leader qualities that it is on the fringe on becoming totally unbelievable to me.

He has been a leader for thunder moutain since he was a kid. Before Jeremiah and Kurdy arrived all Marcus's did was take care of the inside of thunder mountain and he sent out teams to gather information. He didnt want to let anyone know about TM so he didnt get involved out side. Now he is getting directly involved with the outside world because of the threat from Vahalla Sector. A lot has changed since The Long Road and its only the first season :)

I agree.

Markus has been the leader since he was a kid. Since most of what we've seen is Markus in the eyes of Jeremiah and Kurdy, we have yet to see what Markus can or can't do when he's really riled up.

Besides, if I were Markus, I'd be scared shitless.

Going out there, into that great big world, trying to make a difference.

You'd think he was graduating from college, or something. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

He has abselutely no leader charisma! He doesn´t have the ability to transfer passion and motivate people to do even more then their very best! He is a mumbling insecure guy, that in the real world would get ripped appart at any boardmeeting.

It doesn´t matter that he's just lived inside TM all his life, even in there he has to live with people. He has to organise and motivate them. I just can´t see him doing that. Sure, a true leader would also be scared shitless of the outer world. But that isn´t the problem.

The problem is that a real leader would find a vision, whatever it was. To go out and make a difference, or to dig down and close the door. Either way, he would have a vision and he would rally people to his cause. Marcus is not doing any of this, he has no vision, no idéea what he is going to do with TM that seems to have fallen in his lapp. He just stumbles around being dissy of the dangers outside. If it wasn´t for Jeremiah pushing him to the limit, he would have done nothing at all...

JMS will have to do something about his leadershipabilities. Because he is just totaly unbelieveable to me. Not as a character, but as a leader.

There are many different ways to lead. What Com is describing as "charisma" is what I call Leading with Balls. Forcing one's vision and personality to inspire others. I powerful approach, but certainly not the only one.

What Markus does is Leading with Brains. His knowledge and its application are what made people fall in line. He's not one for big speeches and such. In fact, he refuses to impose his will on others. He does not want to lead people who don't want to be led. This is a very mature way of doing things. Instead of whipping everyone into action, he puts himself out there and lets people decide where to place themselves.
I agree with you GKE that it is a more mature way. And if Marcus was that kind of leader he would be a really good mature leader. If that was what he was doing.

But as far as I have seen, he is not putting himself out there. Rather it is Jeremiah that forces him out of his nutshell. Forces him to take action. He showes no initiative, he is reacting instead of acting, and that is not the way of a true leader. Not of the "charismatic" ones, nor of the "mature" ones.

But I hope that he will change..
Jeremiah is a catalyst for Markus. Jeremiah comes along, and prods Markus into doing things. They have the similar goals- it's just that the path they need to go on lies somewhere between Jeremiah's and Markus'.
I finaly saw Tripwire. And I am very glad to see Marcus with a backbone! /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif That was long awaited for. Perhaps he will turn out to be a great leader after all.


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