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Look whose gonna be on jeremiah



I dont know if you guys know as i didnt see it on here but according to her web site, enid raye adams is going to be on jeremiah. Shes also going to be on The Dead Zone and Twilight zone. Add that to already being on Stargate SG-1 and Taken miniseries and shes made her way around all my favorite tv shows :)

That's what happens when all your favorite TV shows are filmed in British Columbia
Heck, I'd be surprised if there's an actor living in BC for the last decade who hasn't been in The X-Files or Stargate.
Excellent! Enid Raye-Adams is a very talented actress and I hope she finally gets a long-term part where she can show her abilities.
She is indeed. If I'd have reported on this when she told me a month or so ago, I'd be gaining the glory. But I didn't.

But expect more on this soon.
Hmm, and he didn't even tell me so I could steal his glory ... oh wait ... maybe that's why he didn't tell me.

I just checked her resume and it says "Recurring" and not just a one time only guest! Woo hoo!

Anyway, it is great news and I wonder who she will play and in what episode. Time to shoot off an email to her!
Keeping secrets from us, I can't believe it!!

I can't wait till S2, you don't have any insight into that also? You can tell me I want tell anyone. Promise

One additional reason to watch Jeremiah

Enid-Raye is a good actor, she is geourgeous and she brings up ..feelings..in me I don't want to discuss outside of NC-17
(Shhh..don't tell her
Well, I heard back from Enie and she told me a great scoop about her role in Jeremiah! I even got an update on one of the episode titles. BTW, she told me she was in five eps Ant.

Hopefully, I can get a real newsletter out of Channe this weekend. *looks at her with big puppy dog eyes* Otherwise, look for a quickie blurb from me very soon.

Also in the works ... I have asked Ingrid to give us an update on the things she is working on and of course anything she can tell us about season two. She is busy working on a film right now but hopefully she will get back to me soon.
Ive been signed up for the newsletter since day one. Now where is that new one? Not in my inbox :)

These things take time my dear captain. :) Plus, it didn't help that the boards were "down" for the last few days so Channe and I missed messages from each other. Then there is that pesky RL thing that gets in the way as well. :p

Like Channe said ... it's coming! :D