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Login notes...

Just to inform that I'm not a database anomaly. :D

Noticing that I am no longer warned -- in fact my past profile no longer is... I threw dice. With "random.org" being temporarily closed and all (their protest about the software patent directive proposal) dice were my only source of quality random numbers.

After throwing dice, I wondered if my old shadow account was still around. Entering what I remembered did not work, so I tried the password resender. Entering my user name there... failed too.

Finally, I tried entering my probable e-mail address, upon which the password resender finally succeeded, and sent me this... slightly peculiar message. Irrelevant parts have been skipped to emphasize the oddity.

...requested a temporary password for the Login Name ''...

When I tried logging in with the username I originally registered, the program reported a "user or password not found". After some gleeful confusion, I finally tried with a blank username (still gave my password). Despite my suspicion that this would fail too, it finally succeeded.

Then, given that I have nothing to complain about... why am I posting this? You see... should multiple users from older times have names containing an underscore... this may cause confusion. They might appreciate confusion less than I do.

This is also an early denial, in case somebody might consider me a database anomaly. Now, that possibility should be excluded, since database anomalies generally don't post. It only appears that back then (before the version change?) underscores were treated differently.
The possibility that your guess is exact... is probably high. While I don't think I could be recognized by writing very easily... it might be easy for someone who specializes in writing. :)

However, since the purpose of my presence is not confusing, but sillyness and discussion (the latter hopefully not excessively contradictory) I will try adding into my profile some meaningful information too.
Thank you. :) I certainly don't feel overshadowed by what was before.

In fact, I suspect I know slightly more than last year -- despite several dark projects failing in a row (2003.2 breaking up and 2003.3 overheating its motor). At least, 2003.1 has justified itself by gliding nicely -- despite pickyness for weather. For wintertime, I am planning 2003.4 -- quite an interesting contratption. More info when ready. :D
The National Lampoon Radio Hour, years ago, had a segment called Tales of the Lost Glider. It was about a minute of dead air. :D

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