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Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers)


So what did everyone think? I'm kind of mixed. It moved slowly, and I thought the scenes between Jeremiah and his father felt a bit forced. Overall, the episode was good.

That new theme music for the credits was horrible! That reeks of network executives mucking about. It was worse than the music in Walkabout! ;-)

Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

What I'd like to know is how Sean Astin got his hands on all that military gear without getting shot by those Valhalla Sector dudes... then again, if you're a messenger from God then I suppose anything is possible.
Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

Oh, please. Military gear is one of the few resources that is abundant. A messenger of God, however, is not so common...
Mr. Smith has a lot of potential to become a great character.

Check out Lee Chen's cool ninja kick.

As we all predicted, Meaghan has an integral role to play in the clash between Valhalla Sector and Thunder Mountain.

Where is Theo?

I like the new title sequence. You must admit, it is a large step up from last year's.

Markus's interrogator sounded very similar to the interrogator from "Intersections in Real Time." You think he gets frequent flyer miles with all those trips from Mars to Earth?

The final meeting between Jeremiah and Devon was forced. Any politician would have had Jeremiah killed at the initial torture session, when Devon was weakest and most likely to budge.
Prolonging Jeremiah's torture and worse, letting Devon continue to see him, is a tactical blunder that would not be made. Devon's heart would only gradually harden, and he would become able to accept his son's sacrifice.

Mr. Smith is so cool.
Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

I haven't yet formed a solid opinion about it yet but I did like it. I need to watch it again today when I am fully awake before commenting further. I did like Astin and want to know more about his char.

However, I do like the new theme song and have ever since I first heard it in the pilot. Someone said the same thing on the mailing list (was it you?) and I feel a bit sorry for Tim since he reads that list. I am sure Franke got similar feedback to the B5 music too. :(

What was the music in Walkabout?
Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

The B5 music in Walkabout I'm referring to was Franklin's R&B singer girlfriend.

The title sequence just made me think "Enterprise." For some reason, I don't like Sci-Fi shows with lyrics in the credit music. I'm glad the theme music for the rest of the show is the same as the first season in style, which I very much enjoyed. The credit music just seems much more "pop culture" and less "grandiose".

BTW, I didn't mean to come off sounding negative - I liked the episode and the new direction things seem to be heading. Also, we've really only seen half of the episode... which makes it hard to say what specfically I really like in the episode.

It wasn't me on the other list, by the way... and Astin's character is definitely a cool one with lots of potential. Lee Chen, Theo, and Kurdy have always been my favorite characters on the show. Its also interesting to see that while JMS wrote many strong female characters on B5, which I loved, that the Jeremiah characters I am enjoying most are strong minorities with their own "style." (I'm a white male, age 18-34, for the demographic record.)


Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

Ah, see I really liked that song in Walkabout. Then again, I remember her from Fame which was a show I quite enjoyed too. ;)

You can't help but go with your gut reaction to the theme song and maybe it just isn't your style of music. So far, I have been enjoying the music of Jeremiah and have been looking forward to hearing this song as the title song for quite a while. :D

I like the fact that we are finally getting somewhere this season and I can just tell that it isn't going to be long before JMS hits us with a whammy. :devil: I think my favorite scences were: Jeremiah asks for forgiveness; toilet paper; Markus' interrogation and well, I am sure I will have more on the second viewing. ;)
Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

The episode was quite.. interesting. It probably couldn't have been much more swiftier due to the huge amount of new people probably watching the series. I liked the possibility to compare the methods of the VS government to the current state of the US and how bad it might go if the route taken stays the same for a long time enough. V is the alphabet following U... but this is probably not about criticizing the US (gov.) so heavily, just a (lucky) coincidence - I think the focus of Jeremiah is in the people, not governments.

Anyway, despite some weaknesses already pointed out in other posts, I think this will be an interesting season. I must agree with the first poster though.. the new title music is terrible.. sounds like "put some all-appealing pop singer in it" (which has none of the seriousness and darkness I'd like). But it's a matter of taste :)
Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

the new theme tune is awful.. cry me a river.. hope is there.. YACK! DISGUSTING!

what goes for the "messenger of god" ..i hope they come up with good explanation why he gets these messages cause if they don't it's bye bye jeremiah.. damn i hate it when they bring supreme being connection things to tv.. it was ok in b5 cause the supreme beings were like older races.. it's NOT ok in jeremiah.. cause the supreme being is like this manmade thingy called god..
Mr. Smith grew up without reading a Bible, going to Sunday School, visiting a cathedral, or even doing ecumenical or interfaith dialogue. Who says that HIS God is OUR God? :)
Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were referring to some sort of God, man-made or existing or whatever, that remotely related to the three major religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, which is what most everyone, no matter what their religion or lack thereof, thinks when anyone says "God" in the western world, which comprises a good 90% of our posters here on the board. Other names include the "Supreme Being" so I thought that's what you were referring to, "our" God as in, the God our society names as God.
Well said, Channe. :)

About "Letters From the Other Side":

I enjoyed this episode and I'm looking forward to part II. Not too many surprises, although I expected VS to be more blatantly a military group, so I was suprised they hide behind the guise of Democracy and a President. Chen's actions did not surprise me, I felt at the end of last season that he was likely working for a "third faction" that Ezekial and Jeremiah's dad were a part of.

The first thing I was reminded of with the new intro was Enterprise. I also figured that most people would either fall into the love it or hate it category. Personally, I liked it. The song has that sense of hope and struggle which is relevant to the running plot of the show.

Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

I forgot to let everyone know here that the updates to my site are complete (screen caps, favorite quotes, added Devon to cast page, episode clips/promos, music, lyrics, voting capibility, and more) with the exception of my review for the last episode. Maybe I will have enough energy to do that this weekend.

Anyway, if you want to put your two cents in about the theme song or if you want a soundtrack, visit our forums and let your voice be heard. I am passing along feedback about the music to Tim Truman as he is interested to hear what people think. :)
Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

I'd hold off on doing your review until you see LFTOS part 2. I get the feeling there is going to be a lot of payoff in the second half, making the first half even better than it was.

Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

You have a point and I probably won't get around to it until after Friday anyway. :D
Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

Can I just say I love this show? Even if it will be just these two seasons, it's quite worth watching. In my opinion, it's better to have part of an excellent story than the whole of a mediocre one. However, that doesn't mean I won't always be a bit sad when I see it, wondering what might have been.

At first listen, I didn't like the new opening song, but now that I've heard it again, I do like it. Perhaps I didn't like it at first simply because it was different than season one's.

And the impression I got from the preview of next week's episode is that Jeremiah and Kurdy will now head up Valhalla Sector. Who knows, maybe that's just wishful thinking. But now I can't wait to see what's next, what problems they will be coming up against.
Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

I just have to say JMS writes some of the best two parters in tv history. They always pay off big time. Part II was excellent and probably one of the best if not the best episode of jeremiah so far. Can not wait to see where they go now. Remember even though VS is destroyed there are still VS bases out there somewhere

Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

I would definately not put this in the best of 2-parters category.

One of JMS's strengths as always been portraying the views and consequences of all those "extras" who were killed. I think we needed some of that.

VS's defenses suck. This is supposed to be the most heavily guarded instillation on the continent. It would not matter if Kurdy had surprise on his side. The anti-aircraft weapons Valhalla Sector SHOULD have had ought to have taken those helicopters before they could do much damage. Also, the groundforces should not have won that battle. 30 people against VS? Mortors or no, they were outclassed, outgunned, and they are fighting strong military leadership. VS just had to fight a defensive battle against the people at Thunder Mountain, which is a battle they by all means would have won.

Wow, the sleeper agent must have gotten his cues from a James Bond movie. Blowing your cover during a firefight is never a good idea.

Mr. Smith was again cool, but there needs to be a reason why he keeps showing up. Kurdy having a bodyguard that is sent from Heaven is going to put him a touch on the invincible side.

I did not like the way Meaghan's death was done. The moment VS discovered they had the plague, they would have found her and killed her in retribution.
The way I see it, just have Meaghan give Chen a letter and tell him to give it to Markus. There you could have had that whole "The world is your place now." speech without the awkward suicide. Devon could have gotten a sample of her blood from tests done by The Mountain, too.

Props to all those people who said way back in "Firewall" that VS would not be the enemy for the show's entire run.

Good job not showing us the chaos that took place when all those people learned they had the plague. Our imaginations made it much worse than it would have been.
Re: Letters From the Other Side (possible spoilers

The entire point of the attack was not to defeat VS in a battle but just to make sure the helicopter got back and then VS went into shuttdown. Thats exactly what happened. They didnt win by brute force at all. They didnt even enter the compound