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Kill Bill


After seeing the previews for this movie and reading some about it I think it's going to be pretty good. I've liked most of the films that Tarantino's done, my favorite probably being Reservoir Dogs. I haven't seen a movie in the theater since The Matrix II or X-Men II, whichever came out later, but I'll probably end up seeing this one. For those of you that haven't heard about it, here is a link: Kill Bill
It seems like I won't be able to catch a showing of this for at least a week. I'm a fan of Terentino's amateur, over-the-top stylings, and Uma is just a total babe (Lucy Liu and Vivica Fox ain't too hard on the easy neither).

I just don't see why a revenge action flick needs two parts.
I saw some of one those "Behind the Screen", or whatever they're called, 10 or 15 minute pseudo-documentaries that are really just extra long ads (shown between movies on a premium cable channel) about Kill Bill.

Apparently, the original ideas for the movie came out of discussions between QT and UT between takes of Pulp Fiction. They talked it through enough that Terentino had a folder of notes on it. Then PF ended and the two fell out of touch with each other. Seven years later they run into each other somewhere and the idea bubbles back to the surface. So when Terentino gets home he digs out his old Kill Bill notes and reads through them. He decides that this is some funny stuff and shelves what he had been working on in favor of Bill.

As QT tells it, then Uma got pregnant. He said that he kinda had to consider recasting her for a week, just so everyone else wouldn't think he was crazy ..... but that he couldn't make this movie with anyone else.

I don't know if I'll see it this weekend, but I will almost certainly see it at some point.
I just saw it a few hours ago and I have to say that I've never seen anything like it before. For one thing, it's one of the most violent movies I've ever seen, but it was so over the top that I couldn't stop laughing. I'm not sure if it was intended to be a homage to all those Saturday afternoon kung-fu movies we watched as kids, or whether it was intended to be a parody ... in either case, I enjoyed it very much.
It is supposed to be an homage, but that can be done with parody as well. Tarentino is sort of paying tribute to those kung-fu flicks, as well as Asian martial arts film in general, plus exploitation flicks (an element in all his movies) and American style martial arts movies.

I may go see this tonight, with or without friends.
I saw it last night, and it was amazing. It is damned hilarious in parts, and damned intense in others. I think Tarantino is a genius, because he can make a film that leaves the audience what the hell they just saw but still leaving them fully satisfied. Genius
Saw it last night. One of the chicks we went with had a bit of trouble with all the gore. It was pretty funny. To me, anyway. She recoiled a couple of times at me laughing hysterically at some of the very bloody scenes.

This is the funniest movie I've ever seen. Some of it intentional, but I also laughed when they tried to get all serious- it was overdone so much. If you're looking for subtlety, this movie is not for you.

Uma Thurman is a goddess.

Much has been said about how the movie references movies from the 70s and such, but he also threw in modern things, particularly an animated sequence that looks like anime and the schoolgirl bodyguard.

If you haven't yet been desensitized to violence, this flick will do the trick. If you have, then grab a tub of popcorn and laugh your ass off.

Can't wait for part II.
I absolutely LOVED this movie. Kill Bill is hands down the best movie I've seen all year. *sigh* I wish part two was coming out sooner than it is. I REALLY wanna see it.
The one way in which part II probably won't be as good is the hot-chick quotient.


Lucy Liu, Vivica Fox, and the schoolgirl (hubba-hubba) are all dead, so they can only return in flashbacks. Darryl Hana used to be hot and kinda still is, but already sorta old. The French broad may return in some form, hopefully- she's stunning.

On the other hand, with David Carradine, the coolness factor will increase. I'm just dying to see what the final battle between Uma and Carradine will be like.
I saw the movie yesterday. Sweet! This movie kicked ass. I can't wait until the 2nd part comes out. Of course, I was the only one among my friends who liked the movie. They thought I was crazy for laughing my ass off during the extremely bloody fight scenes. :LOL:
Lucy Liu, Vivica Fox, and the schoolgirl (hubba-hubba) are all dead, so they can only return in flashbacks. The French broad may return in some form, hopefully- she's stunning.

Thanks for the spoiler. :rolleyes:
That stuff is common knowledge by now and pretty obvious by the very premise, but I spoiler-tagged it anyway.

Edit: Which didn't work, so I used an exaggerated vertical ellipsis. Guh.
Well, I know practically nothing about the film other than it is Tarintino and it's bloody as hell. I saw a trailer for it which looked pretty funny but I was mostly reading the comments here if it was worth seeing or not.

It sounds like fun but may wait for the DVD. ;)

Thanks for the spoiler space ... but it's too late now for me. :p It really is too bad the spoiler tag doesn't work because it is still hard to not read spoilers the old fashioned way. :(
I saw Kill Bill last night. It was a lot of fun .... assuming that you are not senstive about seeing violence on screen. It is *extremely* bloody. In fact, it is so bloody that you *can't* take it seriously. I mean the amount of blood that comes out of the bodies of the nameless cannon fodder would require that their entire bodies be a giant blood squib. One person that we see laying in a such a big pool of their own blood that they ought to completely drained white was still conscious and speaking (more or less) rationally and intelligebly.

It is also kinda fun at times just working on keeping up with the various genre references and styles that Tarantino is using. Some of them are immediately obvious: anime, 1970's exploitation, Chinese wire-fu (the style that Crouching Tiger brought to a wider US audiance), Japanese samurai movie (in B & W). There were some scenes where the inspiration genre was somewhat less obvious, at least to me. Of course, that was partially because similar scenes could work in few different genres of movies.






The one way in which part II probably won't be as good is the hot-chick quotient.

I don't know about that. Volume 1 has already established that the story isn't being told in linear chronological order. I expect to get some more of the backstory that leads up to the El Paso massacre; partially just because it makes sense, partially because I saw a piece of interview footage where Thurman explicitly said that there is more of an actual story to the second part than there is in the first part. I would expect to see both Cottonmouth (Liu) and Copperhead (Fox) in some of those sequences. Go-Go (the school girl) has served her purpose and is much more likely to be completely absent from Volume 2. Sophie (the French-Japanese lawyer) I'm less clear on. Since she appeared in the chapel scene, we will probably see her in Volume 2 but possibly no more than we saw Madsen in Volume 1 (which is to say "minimally to still get the credit").

During the pre - El Paso stuff, I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of background on Thurman and Liu doing the "Trix are for kids" routine. I know that everyone (Americans, anyway) within a certtain age range (including me) will automatically follow "Silly rabbit" with "Trix are for kids", but Tarantino went so far out of his way with the editing to make sure that we saw that the two of them were reciting the line in absolute unison that I kinda expect to see something about that tied back in.

They also succeeeded in piquing my curiosity on one other point, and it happened quite early in the movie. Thurman's "Bride" was mentioned by name exactly twice in the entire movie (not counting the obviously fake alias on the marriage liscense, which was pointed out as such by the sherif). Both of them were in the scene with Vivica Fox and her character's daughter and, more to the point, both of them were bleeped out. I'm curious about what the deal is with her name and why they both want to keep it from the audiance and go out of their way to call the audiance's attention to the fact that they aren't telling us. They could just as easily have used the shortened pseudonym "Mamba" in there. For that matter they could very easily have not used any name. In fact, the second time you got the feeling that were going out of their way to use the name *just* so they could bleep it and make sure that the audiance didn't think that the first one was a fluke or a coincidence. So now I'm curious.
That's possible. However, it strikes me as being a bit like Takashima's name coming up on the screen in The Gathering: .... Yeah, it's there when you pause the DVD; but you aren't bloody likely to be able to pick it up while watching in real time. I would have to look at it again. Her hand was covering much of the ticket in both of those shots.

It still leaves the fact that they are hiding the name from the audiance and I'm curious about why. Maybe that becomes clearer once you find out what it is. Maybe it would tip off the audiance about something in Volume 2. Maybe Tarantino just wanted to follow in Sergio Leone's / Clint Eastwood's man-with-no-name footsteps. (The spaghetti westerns are one of Tarantino's stated genres of homage for this movie. Some of the musical scoring, even for sections that otherwise mimic something else (like anime), soud like they could have been lifted directly from one of the Leone/Eastwood westerns.) I'm just curious.
I enjoyed "Kill Bill Vol. 1", but I was a little icked by the gore. Evidently, I'm not as desensitized as I thought I was.

Oh, and I second that Uma Thurman is a goddess. She was awesome.

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