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Just Please, Read My fanfic. It'll Be Good.


Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

It may not be like SuperChanne's, but this will be good. This is a fanfic concearning Season 4 of Babylon 5 when the station is out of money, so who else but Max Eilerson, the great entrepeneur to come to the rescue (I knew you'd like it, Kribu)?

Note: This takes place shortly before the mid-4th season episode "Rumors, Bargains, and Lies".

Part 1: Boxes of Treasure

"Captain's Personal Log June 20, 2261. It's taken me a year, but I've finally discovered the greatest pro of breaking away from Earth, and that is knowing that I haven't had to do my taxes this year. Unfortunately, the biggest con is the station's financial position. Even with Ivanova hiring the questionable smugglers, the station is nearly bankrupt, we're down to our last reserves because we don't have Earth to fall back on anymore. I haven't been able to bring myself to tell Ivanova because she's worked so hard on this. It doesn't seem fair, we've come all this way, beaten the Vorlons and the Shadows, defended Clark's assault on us, but in the end we lose simply because we do not have the credits. It's not right. One thing is for sure; we need money - desperately. End log."

Max Eilerson walked through customs. He had already rented some quarters in advance and after an identicard and weapons check, he went there. He was pleased to see that Captain Sheridan had set up a meeting with him later that day regarding their financial situation. They must be more desperate than I thought, Max thought to himself.

"Mr. Eilerson, I noticed you represent IPX, and because the last time your corporation came aboard and ruined everything on my station, you'll forgive me if I want this little business exchange to go as fast as possible so you can get far away from my station," Sheridan said setting the tone with Max.
"Ah, well Captain, Mrs. Trent isn't exactly the best at her job, but you misunderstand. I'm not here representing IPX," Max replied.
"No?" Sheridan asked with small hope in his voice.
"No," Max answered, "I'm here, because I know about your situation. You're out of money, and without money, you won't be able to get anything on this station to run. You'll lose the war against Clark, lose your command, and be disgraced. But what if I could supply you with the credits to keep this place going for a year? Maybe two or more if you don't overspend," Max offered.
"All right, I'm listening. What do you have in mind Mr. Eilerson?" Sheridan asked.
"A few months ago, I took on my first mission for IPX. I was excited about it, and I swore to myself I would complete this assignment successfully and make a good name for myself in IPX early. I swore if I'd fail I'd force myself to become the best dancer on Mars. And I hate dancing. Anyway, the mission involved an archealogical dig on Gamma Ursa; A team had found odd traces of a rare compound deep beneath the soil and according to some ancient texts, it was thought to be an 'Apocalypse Box'."
"Can't say I've heard of it," Sheridan said.
"Not many people have, it's incredibly rare which is why our buyer wants it so badly. Anyway, I took control of the project and ordered the team to keep digging, and after some research and reports from the diggers, I was totally certain the Apocalypse Box was there. I went to Gamma Ursa myself to oversee the project, I began to file reports and finally, just as we were on the last stage of uncovering the Box, Earthforce came."
Sheridan laughed.
"The bastards finished the project for us and confiscated the Apocalypse Box, said it 'belonged to Clark'. Anyway, that was two days ago, and the ship carrying the Box just went into hyperspace today. If you hurry, we may be able to catch it and reclaim the Box."
"So let me get this right," Sheridan said, "You want us to go into Earth controlled space for this 'Apocalypse Box', fight off Earth, capture a transport, and then sell it like a band of pirates?"
"Yeah, that's about how it goes," Max said summing it up.
"How much are we talking here? How many credits are we getting? And what percentage are you getting?" Sheridan asked wanting more information.
"Apparently, a very wealthy man on Mars named William Edgars has offered to pay the operating cost of Babylon 5 for the next few years. All I ask is 25% of it," Max bartered.
The name sounded familiar to Sheridan, but he couldn't quite remember where he had heard Edgars from. "10% Mr. Eilerson, 15% assuming this doesn't turn out to be a trap," Sheridan replied let the law down. "By the way, what would you do with the money?"
"Oh, nothing really. I would only have the satisfaction of knowing I completed my first assignment, a good night's sleep, a clear conscious maybe," Max answered.
Sheridan could see right through him. "You're a damned liar," he said.
"Maybe so Captain, but if we get the Box and sell it, what difference will it matter what I do with my share of the profit?" Max wondered.
"Call me curious," Sheridan replied.
"Curiousity killed the cat, Captain. And I've gotten long tired of Cynthia's Mr. Kitty. So do we have an agreement? After all, you do need the money," Max offered.
Sheridan took a deep sigh and finally replied, "Give me an hour to think it over, Mr. Eilson. You'll have my decision then."

Part 2: Gearing Up

"Oh, damn it John, we can't do this! It's a trap, you know that," Ivanova told Sheridan.
"Ivanova, normally I would never do anything like this, but-"
"I know, despite your efforts to hide it, we're on the brink of penniless," Ivanova interrupted. Sheridan started to ask how she knew, but he remembered the age-old Ivanova rule: 'The day when I don't know about something, be worried.' "Why don't you raise the tax on goods and purchases a few more credits?" Ivanova asked.
"That would be the fifth raise in the last few months, and no one on the station would accept that. You saw the mess we had the last time we raised tax," Sheridan answered. "Oh, and I looked into our buyer, William Edgars. He owns one of the biggest medical facilities on Mars, and interestingly enough it seems that our friend Mr. Garibaldi has started doing a few favors for the man. Coincidence?"
Ivanova shook her head. "Doubtful." They both sighed knowing this mission was going to be Hell. "So are you going to take this one, or do I have to do it?" Ivanova wondered, hoping she wouldn't have to go.
"Actually, I have to make sure the League signs that pact against Raiders, and I'll be tied up all week, so I guess it's you," Sheridan informed her.
"Great! We've become Babylon 5: The last, best hope for a quick buck!" Ivanova shouted in sarcasm. She marched out hastily while Sheridan laughed, and the other junior members at C&C stared in worry.

Ivanova stepped into Max's quarters to tell him, "The Captain has excepted your offer, and our ship will depart in ten minutes." She turned to leave, but she found something that caught her eye. She found Max tilting back in his chair watching a vid. "I used to watch vids all the time growing up. The last time I must have watched one was...a year ago, we don't get many new releases on the station. So what's on?" She asked as she picked up the vid box.
"Uhh...I don't," Max stammered sitting back up.
"It's okay, I love these things," Ivanova read the title on the vid box, "'Centauri's Sexy Six Stars'? What the Hell is this?" Ivanova read another, "'The Lumati's Best Amateur Agreements'?" Ivanova realized what the vids were and threw them on the floor, she started to walk out, but then she turned around and picked up the vid she had thrown on the ground. "No, never mind, I'm keeping this Lumati one just to make sure I'm not starring in it!" She yelled walking out of his quarters.
"That's the worst excuse for stealing a movie I've heard in years. If only Clark knew how desperate his enemies were," Max said to himself.

"We are not entirely sure what we are dealing with, so be careful. All EarthForce has told us is that we are likely to find a dangerous, unknown silhouette threatening security somewhere near the area. They say the enemy craft will follow the transport and come out of hyperspace the second it fires at the transport. The transport is of course a decoy and is rigged to explode the moment the enemy hits it, so don't get too near the transport when it comes out of hyperspace. EarthForce says it is part of the invasion to weaken EarthGov from without and within. They have also ordered us to attack the enemy ship when it drops out of hyperspace, so lock and load. When I took command of this ship a year ago, I knew I could count on you, and I know you won't fail. Pilots, take your ships."
"Yes sir, Captain Maynard," said the fighter pilots after Maynard had just given his instructions. He was proud of his crew and knew he could count on them. He was very shaky about his orders because deep down inside he knew he didn't believe much of the propaganda swarming around Earth. He mostly followed their orders because he hadn't found another force worthy of fighting for. He had never known General Hague, and none of the other resistance leaders had even contacted him. Sadly, Maynard knew the only thing he could count on anymore was his crew, but the trap had been set, and whoever was coming through was going to be blown to pieces.

"White Star 2, this is Babylon Control. You are cleared for jump," Corwin informed Ivanova over the comm. systems.
"Thank you Babylon Control. Jump." Ivanova ordered, with Marcus repeating her commands in Minbari. The White Star 2 thrust into the reddish colored enigma that was hyperspace.
"Well, Susan it's several hours before we intercept the transport carrying the cargo we're looking for, so what do you intend to do before we get there?" Marcus asked her.
"First off, I plan to stay has far away from Mr. Eilerson as I can, and after that I have to watch a vid to make sure I don't wind up getting an Emmy Award this year," Ivanova replied in an annoyed tone, leaving the command deck.
Marcus took the command chair, and after making sure Ivanova had left asked himself only half kidding "Why is it the universe, of all people, made me fall in love with her?"

Lieutenant Matthew Gideon did a final systems check of his fighter. The results came up showing that nothing was damaged or malfunctioning, which pleased Gideon. Captain Maynard had said they would be setting up a trap against a ship none of them had seen before, so he didn't want anything to go wrong. He had already failed the Cerberus, and Gideon was going to make sure nothing like that ever happened to a ship he served on again. He refused to be caught flat-footed ever again. "System's Pulse Cannons at full power." The computer informed him. Gideon smiled...
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Not bad. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif Looking forward to seeing the rest of the story unfold.

And involving Max is always a good idea. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif Except that of course he loves Mr Kitty and would never make a derogatory remark about that cat. /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Oh, dear. I've created a monster. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

Nice bit with Eilerson. Just one comment - was the financial meeting just between Sheridan and Eilerson, or could anyone just look the schedule up at a Babcom terminal? I wasn't too clear.

Looking forward to reading more!
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Kribu, I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself. It would be criminal to have a story about Max and not put Mr. Kitty in. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif /forums/images/icons/devil.gif

Channe, it's true I didn't really specify. I suppose the details are everything and I could edit if I wanted to, but just go with whatever suits you. Use your imagination. If you like his office, think office; if you like Babcom, go Babcom. If you like both, well, that isn't my department. /forums/images/icons/blush.gif
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Oh, I didn't mean that!

I meant - was this a private meeting between Eilerson and Sheridan, or could any old Joe discover that they were meeting by checking a posted schedule?
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

FlarnChef - You'll have more on Saturday. I'd probably post the next part sooner, but the Twilight Zone Marathon is on and that, being my favorite show, will keep me occupied.

Channe - You are ruthless. You know this don't you? Okay, we'll go private meeting in Sheridan's office. (Thanks though, deep down I love the questions /forums/images/icons/smile.gif )
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

I'm a journalist. Of course I'm ruthless. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

I finally got around to reading this topic... and I must admit, I too would be interested in finding out what happens next...

Thank you. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Me too! I thinking that the story will have violence in it.
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

I'm glad you like it. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
DW you are right, there is definately going to be some violence, but don't worry. It's not graphic and we won't have some guy have his heart ripped out from his chest or anything. Well, unless Max becomes too much of a nuisance, which can actually happen when your writing your characters. Fan fiction isn't like poetry. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Eh, I guess I got done sooner than I expected, so I'll add Part Two at the top so it will be a big connected story. It's mostly some humorous segments, but it displays some knew characters we already knew.
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Unless this is happening after the Minbari civil war, it might actually be easier for the station to borrow a bit from the Minbari Federation.

Under most conditions, they would surely have a couple of billion leftover credits. Except after the civil war, when rebuilding might gain priority over everything else.
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

I like Part 2 /forums/images/icons/smile.gif Getting interesting!
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Darn it! I was hoping for some extreme violence. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Another nice piece as Part 2. I only hope the story gets better.
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Lennier, this was happening during the Minbari Civil War, which is still just as bad a time to ask for money.

Glad you like it, Demon.

All the violence next part, DW.
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

I'm about to post the final two chapters below this. I would post it at the top, but it's 'past my allowed editing time' or something. Anyway, say you liked it, say you hated it, I just wanna hear something.
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Chapter 3: Defection

"Is that your transport ship, Mr. Eilerson?" Susan asked now on the command deck of the White Star 2. The transport they were watching was in horrible condition, the wear and tear over the boxy, boring transport was clearly visible.
"Sure is, Commander. I must say this screen you are using is incredible," Max answered impressed with the ship's capabilities. "Some of this is Vorlon technology isn't it?"
Ivanova ignored him, "Okay, this is it. Target the jump engines on the transport, but only the jump engines. Marcus, as soon as the transport's jump engines are disabled drop out of hyperspace. We do not want to overshoot the transport and wind up a sector in front of it. Ready?"
Marcus nodded, "Weapons targeted. Ship ready to jump back to normal space."
"Fire!"Ivanova shouted. The weapons fired and she felt the White Star 2 return back to normal space. "Okay, now, target the transport's weapons."
"Wait. There's something wrong. Susan, I'm reading massive explosions from the transport. That ship is going to blow," Marcus reported.
"What?!" Max shouted in anger as well as confusion.
"The transport has just been destroyed. Hold on, there's something else on the sensors. Susan, I'm reading one Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser and a dozen Starfuries," Marcus said with wide eyes.
"Damn! Take evasive action!"Ivanova shouted. "Marcus, how long before the jump engines come back online?"
"About one minute. Wait, getting a signal."
"Let me hear it,"Ivanova commanded.
"Unknown ship, this is Captain Maynard commanding the EAS Janus. Surrender or be destroyed," the familiar voice said.
"Maynard? Where have I heard that before...?" Susan asked herself.
"Fire!" Max ordered, not having the authority.
"Cancel that," Ivanova immediately replied, "Marcus do not fire at the enemy ships, just gather has much distance between the enemy ships as you can."
"Using maximum burn," Marcus told her. "Enemy ships firing."

"Okay Omega Squad, the unknown silhouette isn't surrendering. Target it and fire." Ordered Gideon's Flight Leader.
"Yes, sir," Gideon replied. "Ship," he told his computer, "Target jump engines on unknown silhouette."
"Target locked."
"This is Omega 2," he told his wingmen, "I'm going in." Gideon smiled as he held down the trigger button.

Sparks flew across the room. "We've just had our jump engines damaged. Automatic Repair Systems engaged, but it will at least take 10 minutes to get the engines back online," Marcus informed Ivanova.
"Maynard!" Ivanova exclaimed. " remember now. Marcus, contact the Janus and tell Captain Maynard that we are his allies, not enemies. Tell him we are under the command of his friend, John Sheridan. Then tell him we can prove it."
"Message sent. I hope they are not jamming us," he said.
Several seconds passed, "Any reply?" Susan questioned.
"No. Wait, yes. The Janus wishes to know the 'proof' you were talking about," Marcus informed her.
"Tell him two years ago his Explorer-class ship Cortez got lost in hyperspace just outside of Babylon 5 and it got back on track because a Starfury pilot shot in the direction they wanted it to go. Tell him he wears cowboy boots, he nicknamed the Captain 'swamp rat', he said he saw something strange in hyperspace, and..." Ivanova paused while she tested her eidetic memory to its limits, "And tell him that July 12, 2253 was an embarrassingly erotic day for the Captain."
The ship shook and several Minbari fell from their posts. "Susan, we cannot continue taking hits, shall I return fire?" Marcus asked.
"No. Maynard may not be so fond of our cause if we go killing his fighters," Susan told him.
"Hull integrity is crumbling. Susan, you had better get this guy to stop. Picking up a transmission... it's other EarthForce ships from the area being ordered to attack. They are coming from an outpost a few planets away from this location," Marcus informed her.
"You people are nuts! Do you even know what a trigger is? Shoot at them!" Max yelled.
Ivanova ignored him again, "Was it the Janus that called for reinforcements? How long until the incoming ships arrive?"
"The Janus did not send the signal for more ships. ETA for the reinforcements: 5 minutes. Receiving another signal. It's the Janus, they are shutting down weapons and issuing the recall order for their fighters! Captain Maynard says he wishes to set course for Babylon 5!" Marcus exclaimed.
"All right! Tell Captain Maynard to take his ship and head for the local jumpgate," Ivanova said taking charge. "How long until our jump engines are repaired?"
"Jump engines online," Marcus informed her.
"Jump!" Ivanova and Max yelled in unison.

"Omega Leader, Captain Maynard has issued the recall order. Why are we not heading back?" Gideon asked his Flight Leader.
"Omega Leader to Omega Group," The pilot addressed them all, "Captain Maynard is about to defect and go to Babylon 5 in order to sign on with John Sheridan. Because the Captain is clearly no longer fit for command, I order you to hold position and keep firing on the unknown ship. Repeat, ignore the recall order."
"But Omega Leader, shouldn't we at least go see the situation? If the Captain believes it is safe, shouldn't we?" Gideon replied.
"Omega 2, if you return to the Janus you will be fired upon. This is your only warning: continue attack on unknown craft," The Flight Leader ordered sternly.
Gideon hesitated. He trusted his Captain and wanted to see Babylon 5's policies, but then he saw the enemy ship open it's own jump point and blast off, followed by the Janus enter hyperspace. Next he found two of his wingmen turning around and targeted their weapons at him. Gideon decided it was not worth being killed over two ships that were now gone. "Yes sir, Omega Leader. Heading back in formation."

"This is your Captain speaking. If you do not already know, we are heading to Babylon 5. Most of you know that Babylon 5 has seceded from President Clark, but by no means do we have to do the same. We will just look at joining Babylon 5 has an option, an option that could be the morally right decision. If you remember two weeks ago, we were called in to keep order over Beta Lankal, but that was not the only reason we were sent there. EarthForce had us fire at unarmed civilian transports. Ever since I followed those horrible orders, I have been looking for a more noble cause to fight for, and I think this one is it. For those that wish to leave, I will arrange for safe passage back to Earth. All I can tell you is that this action is the right thing to do, and all I can ask you is to have faith in your Captain. PA off." Maynard then turned to his bridge crew and said, "I know not all of you are comfortable with this. If you are one of those people, you can leave; no one will blame you. I-"
The sound of a PPG warming up came right behind Maynard's head. "Enough speeches. Order us back home. Order this ship back or I will kill you, right here."

"Status?" Ivanova asked Marcus without a hint of nervousness.
"Most of the damage to the ship has been repaired, we avoided an enemy setup, we got a ship to join our side and we are closely following behind it right now. Susan, everything is great," Marcus replied with a smile.
"Great? Everything is not great. We didn't find the Apocalypse Box, and I did not complete my first mission! Do you know what IPX will do to me if they find out what I did?" Max looked at Ivanova and Marcus, who could not careless from their expressions. "Oh, perfect, and you do not even care. Aw hell!"
The White Star 2 its weapons.

The Janus shook as Maynard's attacker flew out in front of him. Luckily, the junior officer threatening him with the PPG had not been strapped in, so the lack of gravity and the impact of the weapons caused Maynard's attacker to lose his control and balance - a fatal error. Maynard unstraped himself at lightning speed and gave the man a fast punch to the jaw. The man dropped the PPG and Maynard hit the aggressor several more times knocking him unconscious. "Get this man under house arrest," Maynard said, "Then ask our friends what the Hell just happened."


"Jack! It is great to see you!" Said Sheridan in shock. He was overjoyed to see his friend.
"Great to see you too. You have done a great job fighting off Clark, John. It is really incredible to see all that you have accomplished in two years." Maynard replied smiling.
"Thanks, Jack. It is a great surprise seeing you here," Sheridan told him.
"That is not the only surprise I left you, John," Maynard replied.
Sheridan started to ask what Maynard meant, but before he could his link beeped. "Sheridan. Go." He answered.
"Captain," said Zack Allan, "I just checked our account. Someone has anonymously deposited 50,000 credits to the station."
"50,000?" He turned and looked at Maynard grinning. "I think I know it was. I will tell you all about it later, Zack. Sheridan out." He tapped his link off. "How the Hell did you find 50,000 credits? And why give it to us?"
"Back when I had the Cortez when I was exploring Sector 400 in a shuttle, some kind of phenomenon caused me to flame out. So I crashed on the planet and started looking for supplies, and I found this strange cloak. I put it on because of the freezing cold and I discovered that for some reason it gave me the power to be invisible. I kept it around knowing I would need it for something important, and a few hours ago I ended up selling it to that Eilerson guy. I showed him what it could do and he bought it instantly. I suppose he just did not want to go back to IPX empty handed. Anyway, Ivanova told me about your money situation, so I figured what the Hell."
"Thanks, Jack. Come on, I need to buy you a drink," Sheridan offered. The two friends walked together in happiness.

Ivanova came into her quarters tired. She decided she would take a shower before ending her day, but she got the strange feeling she was being watched. "It must be nerves," she quickly dismissed her feeling.
Do not be too sure, Commander, Max thought as he watched her undress. That Maynard was right, this cloak is the purchase of a lifetime. Too bad I will have to give it back to IPX to explain what I have been doing the past week. Now, Max, he reminded himself you are distracting yourself. There is no point in worrying about business at a time like this. Max smiled like the Cheshire cat as Ivanova slipped into the shower.
Re: Just Please, Read My fanfic. It\'ll Be Good.

Um, I think you need to do some editing on apostrophes. /forums/images/icons/frown.gif

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