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Just a little test.



Well well... although I have written some fan fiction before, I have not dared to upload any stories.

English is not my native language and in spite of some experience, I still feel somewhat limited in vocabulary and unsure about numerous issues.

So here goes. Enter only if you are willing to suspend disbelief. The Shadow Nitpicking Team awaits your criticism.

Her Pet Shadow

<font color=#20A020>My experiments with CSS are finally over. The page should now work with both Shadow and Vorlon browsers. If it looks horrible, you have probably style sheets disabled. If it looks horrible with style sheets enabled, please let me know. Readability is optimized for IE5 and Netscape 6, 800 by 600 pixels, text size should be adjustable from browser.</font>

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English isn't your native language?

I couldn't tell. Dude, you have better style than a lot of people I know.

The writer's life is not meant to be a happy one. We all accept that going in. -JMS
Ooh, good, now I have something to read at work. Although I shouldn't do it... drats, just remembered I actually have to work today.

Oh well, it will have to wait until tonight - but I'm really looking forward to reading it!

Channe, Lennier's native language is the same as mine. Although his English is a lot better than mine (probably also because I tend to post first, think later!).

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Being an impatient creature, I decided I could use a break from my work... and read it anyway.

Suffice to say that I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

"Narns, Humans, Centauri... we all do what we do for the same reason: because it seems like a good idea at the time." - G'Kar, Mind War
Kribu's Lounge | kribu@ranger.b5lr.com
...which, as mentioned, will be complete after the Shadows have hibernated (the latter meaning a rather long time).

But eventually it will be ready.

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Unfortunately we as software lack any coherent documentation."
-- Delenn
Lennier, I could not tell that you do not speak or write English fluently. It was fantastic. The story itself was very well done.

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W ! Excellent story, so puleeeeez don't keep us waiting too long.

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Well, what can I say, your server is awful, it took me ages to load the story, but I think it was worth it. I bookmarked the site and you know that a true h@xX0r only bookmarks things worthy of his time, so if I were you I'd take that as a huge compliment, not even B5LR.com is within my bookmarks.(Well, okay, that's because it's my homepage, but yeah, I'm very selective about what I bookmark

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