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JMS Talks Late Comics And His Work-Load (at Newsarama)

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Over at

(one of my favorite websites, BTW)

theres a JMS interview where he talks about his comics being late and his work-load.

As far as the comics being late and his work load we've heard a lot of this before BUT theres some great comments about 9/11 Spiderman issue and of course its a great interview btw. And a good recap of his work-load (and things to come).

Check it out.


Some writers I know, including myself, would kill for a workload like that.

Sigh. He must be very happy...


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I don't know how "happy" he is at the moment because it looks like he is constantly defending his opinions and stance regarding issue #36 of Amazing Spider-Man (the 9/11 tribute). Here are some links to some of his responses:

One rebuttal
Long rebuttal

NOTE: I have only read his side of things since most of the threads are very long.

Sheesh, I don't envy him. Some people are so unforgiving and it is so hard to make them understand. I would hate to have to defend everything I do ...

*prints out some copies to give to the comic shop I frequent*

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