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JMS speaks on Polaris


Someone asked him in the mod news group about "Polaris"

>Is "Polaris" TWCNBN previously, Joe? Has any information about it
>been posted?

Polaris is a new SF series of mine under development for the Sci-Fi Channel.
I've turned in the final draft of the two-hour pilot, and now we will wait to
see what occurs.

I've kept the basic storyline of Polaris under lock and key because it's the
kind of thing which, once you hear it, you know instantly why SFC picked it up
to develop, even though it's a fairly pristine area inside the genre, and I'm
trying to keep competition to a minimum for now.

Mike G wrote: "Good old JMS."

In complete agreement. I shall instruct the bugler to sound the "Polaris Charge." /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
And he pitched it to Scifi the same one that passed on Rangers and wouldn't even give the show a chance ? Now there is no hope left of seeing Rangers on the on the air?Now he pitches another pilot movie to them I see another Rangers repeat coming .
Polaris was pitched at about the same time as Rangers. He thought that he had 2 acceptances but things did not work that way.

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