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JMS on Scifiwire

Oh. This is good(?) news concidering Star Trek. Isn't it? Because... it has been quite a downhill all the way for a couple of years...
Not in a million years would I have ever thought that JMS would consider a Star Trek project. I thought that was one "sub-genre" he just wouldn't want to touch. However...

"No one here is exactly what he appears."
i watched an episode of Next Gen the other day on Spike!, and was surprised at how bad it was.

I hate to say it, but I think ENTERPRISE is a pretty good show, especially this last season, compared to NG.

DS9 is still the best though.
Spike's rotation is currently in the Dr. Polaski period of TNG (from what I have seen in flipping through channels). That was never considered one of the high points of the series, as far as I could tell.
This is true: not considered their high point. I'm trying to remember, was the "Reeva" episode part of that season, though? The negotiator who was deaf?

I loved that episode, must find out which season it is part of.
That was on within the last week or so, as a matter of fact. If you're talking about the deaf guy, with the three Psychic interpretors, who get killed?
Yes, do you know the season/title of that episode?

I've always wondered if the main guest star was really deaf or not.
No, I don't know. But I believe Spike is showing them with some chonology to them, so, if you can find out which episode is playing tonight, start there and work your way back a few. It's only been a few days, a week tops, since it was on, I think. I don't have Flash Plug-in on my work computer, so I can't see anything on the Spike Website to help with what episode is on. Someone suggested Polaski is in Season 4, I think, so I'll check Season 4 eps for you.
Thanks, Sindatur. I did think Polaski was in season 2 (she was brought in because Rodenberry hated the character she replaced temporarily, IIRC, and the original was brought back, Dr. Crusher, afer Rodenberry effectively left the show, isn't that right?

In any event, that is a great episode. It's a very memorable portrayal. I always wondered if the actor was actually deaf or just portraying someone deaf.
You're welcome.

Yea, I have no idea where I got the idea it was Season 4, but for some reason, Season 2 just seemed too early for Polaski, I thought Crusher was around longer than that before she left for awhile. Oh, well. HEHE, I only this year got the DVDs for B5, and watching them at the rate of 4 or more eps per sitting (A season per week), I was amazed at how early some things happened. I guess watching it in the first run, and having reruns in between new eps, will do that too you. :)
Although Season 2 of TNG was probably one of its lowpoints (as was season 1... ugh) it did contain the episode "Measure of a Man" which is probably one of the top 5 science fiction episodes of any Sci-Fi TV show, ever.
Although Season 2 of TNG was probably one of its lowpoints

Season 2 suffered from a writers strike which led them to produce several episodes off of (IIRC) half written ideas originally intended for Star Trek Phase 2 TV series (which became ST:The Motion Picture).

TNG however really hits it's stride in season 3.

It's still a mixed bag though. Some great episodes and some quite bad ones. The average is pretty good (well above Enterprise) but it seem no Trek series to date can keep up a consistent run of good episodes for more then 4-5 in row. This is true even of DS9, just when things start getting really interesting, war heating up, it's time to take a break and do a 'no effect' character episode.
There's some misinterpretations of what I said going around...so let's address them.
>> Well - the now verified (from the horse's mouth, so to speak) fact that JMS WAS approached on the possibility of taking the reins of Star Trek: Enterprise (and wisely turned that down - gag, hack, hack) <<
Nope. I said that Paramount approached me about coming on board as an EP, not show-runner position. Berman and Braga would still have run the thing. I didn't feel that I could function best in that arrangement.
As for the treatment Bryce and I wrote for another Trek series, as I said, we wrote it on our own, NOT as an assignment from Paramount.
Just in the interests of accuracy.
6/22/2004 9:55:43 PM


Yes, McFadden left for a bit to have a baby. And most of us TNGers hated it when Pollaski was on the show. Not only was the character a real stick in the mud curmudgeon type, but she also dissed Data pretty early on in her run.

Scene was something like:

Dr. P. "Well, Data (pronounced DAHTA), I really don't see the point of doing a physical for a robot. So, I guess we're done here."
Data: "Excuse me doctor, but I am an android, and it is pronounced Data (DAYTA)."
Dr. P.: "DAHTA, DAYTA - What's the difference?"
Data: "One is my name...the other is not."


Anyway, without Gates McFadden the show also dropped in babe quotient, what with Denise Crosby having been killed off (now, that Character, Tasha Yar, was the one with Rodenberry's interference...he wanted her more butch than Crosby, and Crosby was afraid of getting typecast forever like TOS stars at the time were sufferring...so she left. Now she is still typecast, as a former Star Trek star who can be seen taking her clothes off in such gems as "Red Shoe Diaries 92: This time we drop all pretense and just show you porn" and schlock like that.)

So we were all pretty happy when Dr. Crusher came back AND Wesley left for the Academy. Good times.

I sure hope JMS gets a chance to do Star Trek, though, that would be awesome! :cool: