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JMS - Non-update update

Look at it this way, he might not have said anything really, but...at least we know he's thinking about us.

As I read this I couldn't help but to think of Dukhat: "I'm not saying anything. I did not say anything then, and I'm not saying anything now."

Dukhat is one of my favorite minor characters, I think. Reiner Schone did a tremendous job in the role and makes me curious to know more about Dukhat's life and how he came to be where he was.
hypatia! :eek: :p

Dukhat was the Minbari leader, and personal mentor of Delenn, who was killed startting the Earth-Minbari War.
It's either a live-action series pilot...

Y'know, something just occured to me. JMS has stated already that it's not a new series. But that doesn't preclude a pilot for a new series, does it?



Previously he said it was not a series. Now he says not an "animated" series. Why rule out a subset when he's already ruled out the entire parent set? ...unless something has changed.

This would seem to open the door back up to a live action (non-animated) series. Of course a pilot for a live action (non-animated) series would also qualify, as would a mini-series, standalone TV movie and a feature film.
jms's specification that it's not an animated series does seem odd, I agree. I don't quite know what to think about it. To specify a type of series that the project won't be while having previously said it isn't a series period seems rather interesting.
I got a idea, Its a .......
ANIMATED MOVIE CGI Style :LOL: its not a serise.
And dunno could be defined as cool and knowing JMS has been on the forefront of cgi for tv with B5. Could see him doing a complete cgi version. Be cheaper with out the actors maybe, and if he was particularly slight/evil could use the original's characters with out having to deal with the bad blood of Jerry DOyle and Bruce and who ever to JMS and the wb dosen't have to pay them for that matter.
Ok I crawl back into the hole I climbed out of now
The non-specific news sound great. :D I can't wait for a proper update.

I can't remember who Dukhat is. :eek:

How could you forget? The only sexy and fun Minbari in the entire series of course. :D

well, no news is good news, when there is some good news in it. I think.
It seems pretty positive for a post, and if anyone should be cynical about the dealings of TV/film studios its JMS.

As for what it is, we'll all have to wait and see, but i am leaning toward a mini-series. Telepath war anyone?
How do all these goings on comapre to the way Rangers was announced? IIRC (and i rarely do) he gave us some vague details almost straight away (i.e. it was about the rangers), whereas here he certianly seems to be a bit more Dr Mcoy about it all. :confused:
In the meantime, are you all going to start discussing semantics again? ;)
How do all these goings on comapre to the way Rangers was announced? IIRC (and i rarely do) he gave us some vague details almost straight away (i.e. it was about the rangers), whereas here he certianly seems to be a bit more Dr Mcoy about it all. :confused:

JMS was pretty clear about Rangers from the beginnning. Same with Crusade. He gave some storylines and some character descriptions about Crusade when Season 4 of B5 was still filming.

He has been pretty silent about this for 6 months, and still he's positive about it. To me it means it's BIG, and bigger than a miniseries. Which only leaves a feature film. :D
I tend to agree with Lord Refa. It doesn't feel like the same roller coaster we were all on for Crusade and Rangers. Those he could talk about to a degree. This is DEFINATELY different, which to me, means feature film.
interesting, i guess dealing with a Hollywood studio would be more secretive than a TV company.
Whilst a theatrical movie would rule, i'm leaning more towards a TV or DVD only release, as i'm guessing (only guessing mind you) that its DVD sales that are pushing all this forward.
The problem here is things can get held up in movie-world
more so than the faster moving world of TV, where shows seem to get commisisoned and cancelled in the blink of an eye. :rolleyes: So we may be here a while!!
I do not think JMS would mention this if it was not going to be something Wonderful - for the fans.

That would have to be 'Theatrical Movie original Script' for me.

it seems to be slipping into place.

Oh what joy
Joe DM, here is something you could maybe answer for me.

When titles for the first and second new Star Wars films were being considered, I had heard that people were able to find out what they might be, because certain titles were trademarked, or targeted (bought?), so that no-one could use them by accident. So "Attack Of The Clones" was owned by Lucas (or his company). Is this true? And if it is, would it be the same for B5:TMoS?
I don't think you can trademark at title per se if the property it is connected with doesn't exist in concrete form. The reason the cat was let out of the bag for the Lucasfilm stuff is that the company registered the internet domain names for "Attack of the Clones", etc., so that no one could beat them to it. (Years ago a guy I know slightly registered the domains "www.starwarsdvd.com", "empirestrikesbackdvd.com", "anewhopedvd.com" and "returnofthejedidvd.com". He wasn't a cyber squatter, and had no intention of charging Lucasfilm big bucks - or any bucks - or the names, he just wanted to be the first to know when the DVDs were on the horizon. He registered the domain names as a kind of trip-wire because he figured he'd hear from them when they tried to register the names and discovered he owned them. He heard from them all right - he heard from Lucas's lawyers back in 1998 and was threatened with all sorts of nastiness if he didn't relinquish the names - which were based on trademarked items - forthwith. He complied. :))

I suppose one could do a search at the patent and trademark office for filings under B5, but at I doubt there would be any reason for WB to try to trademark whatever "TMoS" means. B5 itself is already trademarked, so the subtitle probably doesn't have to be. (Oh, and in reference to another post - if the "o" in "TMoS" stood for "Original" it would be capitalized. Since it is lowercase it can only stand for something like "of", "or", "on", etc. Since JMS has been so careful and consistent in the way he types the initials, we can be quite sure that he's following the usual conventions for capitalization in titles.)


Something else to keep in mind:

Around 1999 - shortly after Sleeping in Light aired (in Nov '98) - JMS said that he wouldn't want to make a B5 theatrical movie for at least five years.

Whether those five years were to pursue other avenues, get up interest in B5, give it a rest, get studio backing, whatever the case may have been -- five years are up.
I thought the reasoning behind the not for five years statement was so that a B5 movie wouldn't be competing with the new Star Wars movies or something similar.
That makes sense.

Star Wars Episode 3 has a release date of May 2005.

If a B5 feature film were to go into production now it's release date would probably be during the second half of 2005 (at the earliest, bearing in mind the extensive SFX/CGI required).

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