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JMS - Non-update update

Re: Gaelic pronunciations and Albaphiles!

Interesting...although I'm sure that the word "celtic" has roots in one of the celtic tongues, but it could still have just been the fashion of pronunciation (since it is purely based on guesswork anyway, there being no tape recorders two millenia ago).

Re: Group Going Nuts

...as the group goes quietly insane, waiting for Warner Brothers to formally announce B5:TMoS. :(

Quietly? Since when was anyone around here quiet? :LOL:

"...goes insane"? Since when was anyone around here sane? :LOL:



The group (here, at rastb5m, at sci-fi, etc.) is starting to remind me of the old guy who walks down the alley and then down my street, talking to himself constantly, rambling on and on... :( Kind of catches you off guard for a second. You think you''ll look over and see a couple of people, and there's only one. My dog looks at him strangely, tilting her head to one side, as if to say, "Even for a human, he's nuts!" Then she (my dog) barks at him, and he crosses the street, mumbling.
Re: Group Going Nuts

I got on briefly yesterday, but have been having trouble the last coupla days and no joy today at all.
Re: Group Going Nuts

Every forum related to B5 is going nuts...the chatter is maddening but fun. Everyone wants to keep talking and paying attention so they're here when the word comes down.
Re: Group Going Nuts

Well, I will admit that it was the announcement on the newsgroup that made me finally come here. I just lurked on the newsgroup (too hard to hold a conversation) because there seemed little to talk about that everyone hasn't said 100 times. With the announcements, it seemed we would have something original to discuss.... sigh.

I found out since I got here that there are still some new things to discuss about the old series (like the possibility of MiniPax being behind the attempt on Shridan's life) so I think this can still be a useful way to spend our time.

In other words, the delay isn't a dead loss for me.

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