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JMS as a "overgrown gnome"?


JMS as a \"overgrown gnome\"?

I didn't see anyone post this but I thought it was funny:

<font color="orange">I was reading through the Official B5 Magazines recently and took the opportunity to read through your "Last Word" columns again. I remembered how much I enjoyed reading the column you wrote online for a while, too.

Would it be terribly impertinent of me to ask you to write the occasional 'column' here? Anything you feel like saying in between pay copy about anything at all? Obviously the pay sucks but at least here you'd be able to see what bar fights you start. ;-) Oh, and no deadlines - surely that's worth something?

It's a lovely idea, but the stark reality I have to contend with is that I'm so thoroughly up to my ass in alligators that parsing out time for the newsgroup in any way, just to reply to messages, is becoming increasinly difficult. I'll sometimes go days or even a week or so between messages. (I have a brief break tonight so I'm trying to catch up on a few items here.)

This is pretty much the busiest I've ever been in terms of multiple projects, and I'm managing to keep my head above water, but anything else at this point could be the proverbial last straw on the equally proverbial camel's back. Every minute not spent producing on Jeremiah is spent strapped to the keyboard.

(Speaking of handling so many multiple projects, the in-house magazine of the Writers Guild of America just published a piece on me headlined "The Amazing Super-Writer," which you think, "Oh, well now, that's pretty cool," and it is, overall, very laudatory, covering it all, though of course the first line describes me as a "four-eyed, follically challenged, overgrown gnome."

Just wish I could find some way to disagree with the characterization.

jms</font color>

If you want to pick up a copy of this magazine for only $5, visit: http://www.wga.org/WrittenBy/
Re: JMS as a \"overgrown gnome\"?

Whenever I think my job is to hard or that I am staying way to busy; I always think about JMS. After seeing his resume online a while back and knowing what he is currently doing I suddenly feel much less stressed.

Re: JMS as a \"overgrown gnome\"?

I want to be called The Amazing Super-Writer, but I'm not a gnome and I have follicles aplenty. I'm a - I'm a - what am I?

Yeah. I just can't believe he does so much stuff... it's daunting. I honestly don't think I could do that much, just for the plain fact that I do like doing something else *besides* writing every so often...
Re: JMS as a \"overgrown gnome\"?

"four-eyed, follically challenged, overgrown gnome."

And there I was, wondering where my garden gnome had gotten to... /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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