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Jeremiah Season 2


Anyone wondering if we will get treated to one or not?

I would like to think yes, because things seemed good at season's start. But watching the Showtime weekend, and them hyping up their original programing (Queer as Folk, Chris Isaac Show, Soul Food, and the NEW Oddessy 5) and Jeremiah not getting mentioned in that group made me a bit nervous. Maybe I am reading too much into things, but one would have thought they would have mentioned that series in the promos if it was something they were going to do for a second season, or at least run it earlier than 11:45pm EST.

Jeremiah was more havily promoted from the start then those other shows. When it first started i heared commercials on the radio for it here in NYC, as well as ads all over the web for it

I heard commercials for Jeremiah out here in Nowheresland... I haven't, however, heard a thing about any of the others, which is a good sign for me.

I'm waiting with baited breath. I bet JMS is, too - if Jeremiah flops, he'll be stuck with three TV failures in a row. That can't be good for business.

I will be *very* miffed if there is no second season.


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