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Jeremiah Newsletter: Issue 12 is out!


Just posting this in case there are some people who haven't signed up yet. It is a doozie and people should check it out.

Some highlights:

* Part one of Ingrid's interview (plays Erin)
* More chances to win stuff from THE ABYSS
* Second season news

I don't say it enough but Channe is a huge help with getting these newsletters created. Also, I appriciate the help some of the fans have given us by forwarding important and relevent information. All of this takes a lot of effort and I am grateful to all the people who have pitched in so far ... no matter how big or small the contribution has been. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

So, feel free to discuss the interview, newsletter, new promotion or second season news here if you like. We would love the feedback!
I guess I will just talk to myself for a while. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

Here is the news bit from the SciFi2k.com web site about Grant Rosenberg's new role. We got most of it in our newsletter, but I thought I would call this out just to clarify.

<font color="orange">Grant Rosenberg is ready to step into the shows spot vacated by Sam Egan, as Co-Executive Producer. JMS will remain the main man behind the series, writing most of the scripts as well as casting and post production duties. Grant will be doing a few scripts this season and handle the day to day creative production. While they don't have storylines set for the 15 episodes of season two they do have a general idea of where the season is going. Within the next few days fans can expect an announcement on two new cast members for the series. Stars Perry and Warner are locked for the series, but Mr. Rosenberg wouldn't tell me the length of their deals. </font color>
You were going to say that Lyta and I are fantastic, that THE ABYSS' Jeremiah newsletter is more comprehensive than Showtime's (well, it is) and that I'm the best writer you've ever seen.

Ok, maybe the last one is a bit over the top.


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