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Jeremiah needs your help


Help for what? Getting a Season 3? They are alreayd done with season 2 correct? (done as in done filming, not done airing)
I saved all the gory details for the Jeremiah forum or my web site but the basic deal is this ...

Jeremiah got an 15 episode renewal for season two. It has been completed and in the can since the middle of this year. Showtime recently decided to end season two after episode #7 airs and there is no word about when or if the remaining episodes will air.

I have been talking with people involved with the show (an Executive Producer but it isn't JMS) so I do have some very reliable information as well as what exactly needs to happen in order to get Showtime to air the rest of the series and possibly get a third season renewal.

All it takes is an email and we have made it very easy for people to participate. We are even giving away free stuff if you let us know what you are doing to help. :D
Honestly, I think this is overreacting just a bit. It really looks like Showtime is only holding off the last 8 episodes until next year - but they do plan to show them. Showtime is calling this weeks episodes a “Season Finale”, not a Series Final. Also, the promo for this week called them the "last new episodes of the year" - implying that there will indeed be new episodes next year. It would be rather silly of Showtime to commission and promote a second season, only not to air it. I'm almost sure we will see the remaining episodes, letter campaign or no.

Now, a 3rd season is less likely, especially with JMS calling it quits... but then again, with JMS leaving, I don't really see a 3rd season as so vital. But JMS even said that the second season is probably just being held off until after the holiday season!
Case in point: On your own forums, Lyta, you have this quote from Jeremiah Executive Producer and Platinum Studios Chairman, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg -

I’m happy that our numbers keep growing. As we head toward the Jeremiah 2003 season finale (November 7th), our viewers are growing in numbers with each episode in its time slot from… even the premiere.

We don’t have a date yet for Jeremiah’s 2004 season, but it’ll be at least 8 episodes, and I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Thanks all, and I appreciate any support you can give. We want our 2004 season to start as soon as possible!!!
I think we can relax :)
Us JMS fans are just too used to getting burned, I guess!
Overreacting? Maybe. Why leave it up to chance when we have a unique opportunity to have our voice heard? Actual people (not some auto-responder) are reading each and every email and they are the people who make decisions about the production and programming for the show.

You use words like "implying" and "probably" and you assume Showtime acts in a rational and logical manner. There were what ... 4-6 episodes of Odyssey 5 that were aired in other countries but still have not aired on Showtime. They have done something "silly" like that before. :(

If we don't let people know that we want to see the rest of season two, Showtime could just decide that we don't care and move on to other shows. I don't like letter campaigns or petitions or "save my show" campaigns in general but this is a show I think deserves a chance and is worth a few clicks to send an email to about 15 key people. ;)

Also, I am well aware of what I have posted on my own forum and have more information about what is going on that I cannot share publically. This is why I believe in the campaign and I -know- we are already making a difference. We just need to keep the pressure on. :)
Trust me -- Lyta knows what she's talking about on this one...

(Plus, if you send an e-mail and cc it to the Abyss, you get a shot at a few neat prizes...)
Frankly, Jeremiah wasn't that good show in my opinion. It wasn't interesting enough. Ok yes, I liked that post-apocalyptic scheit and all that, but somehow it still too boring. Now that I've seen some season 2 episodes.. well.. it promises something. But its not the show that I would even thinking of getting on DVD or even VHS... But as always, I don't want to be egoistic pile of shit, so I'll write this email thingie...
Since I was too anxious to write an email I'll write old fashioned letter. I think it would have more respect.. all the way down from Finland.. It has to be more convincing that a generic e-mail... I'll hope that they won't try to figure it out how I saw Jeremiah... 3 euros will cost to send it if I recall correctly.. oh well.. tomorrow to post office.
Thanks for sending in a bit of support of the show even if you don't like it too much. That really says a lot. :) *hugs*

You can always tell them that you had a friend/family member in the US who pays for Showtime send you tapes. Quite a few people have done that and MGM would be interested to know where in the world people are watching Jeremiah without it actually airing in their market. It shows some measure of dedication and interest. ;)

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