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*whimpers* I am not worthy... I am not worthy!!

I just saw To Sail Beyond The Stars and The Bag. I'll agree with PsionTen (!!) here when I say that I really like this series. I really like it.

It's just fantastic. These episodes are coming out of the first season?! If I could write like this... oh, my. Oh my.

Ok, now that the fangirl stuff is done.

1. Jeremiah STILL bothers me a bit. He is still a bit *too* altruistic. While I know people like him in real life, they're still too few and far between to really count. But then again - it's like that in Jeremiah's world. They're gonna have to give me a bit more than just "he wasn't watching his brother" to continue to hook me. I did like, however, the insight as to what happened to Jeremiah's little brother... it gave me a bit more of an idea as to where he's coming from.

2. I'd like to see Claire again. Particularly after a bunch of shit happens. Yes. And I'd like her to have some news. Some really scary news. You know. I want JMS to be saying, "Ha, ha - they thought it was just another one of those one-night stands with no relevance to the rest of the storyline, but I'll show them how it all ties in, yes, ha ha ha..."

3. I was interested to hear William's description of the Burners. It's really interesting to watch how the education drops away...

4. Did Eddie remind anybody else of a Lone Gunman?

This show just makes me shiver. I haven't felt this way since... well, since B5...

"To Sail Beyond the Stars" was an awesome episode. It wasn't quite at the pilot's level of greatness, but it was good nonetheless.
"The Bag" was the first turkey we've had all year. I couldn't even find a good quote from the whole episode. Well, not that anything happened in the episode. It was boring, and more about that Doctor than anything else.
One thing I don't want to see more of: Powerful characters. Claire was like the Iraq of the world, and I didn't find that too likely. I suppose it is possible, but it is doubtful someone wouldn't have previously stolen all her gas.
Jeremiah is supposed to be making the world a better place, and I think it would be better (and harder for the writers) to do it with small characters with no real resources to fall on.
Still, the show still has me hooked and the good far outweighs the bad. I'm excited to see the next Jeremiah airing in 45 minutes.
I definitely agree with you on The Bag, but tonight's episode was a definite improvement... though Jeremiah seemed to do another character shift that had me scratching my head. This episode, however, was all about Kurdy and I continue to be impressed by MJW.
"Roses" beat "The Bag" without question. However, there isn't much I can say about "Roses", because it was mostly a character development episode. With development episodes, all you can do is pray for continuity.
The promo for next week's episode looked interesting, so I'm still tuning in.
Also remember that these 2 shows where not written by JMS, they were written by Sam Eagen (sp). I don't think you will have to worry about character continuity with this show. Also, I think Jeremiah was bitching at Kurdy because he only wanted 1 person to go and give the sample. He pissed off Kurdy and went himself. A much better show than the Bag. This is turning out to be a great show. Can't wait for more!!

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