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In a season four episode where Ivanova is travelling with Loren to join Sheriden fleet, she says "Aw Hell" and then the Mimbari crew star firing. Loren says that it means continuious fire in mimbari or something, however she does the same thing a few times earlier I think, at least once when she was travelling with marcus and the crew did nothing. Is this a mistake?
I remember the "Aw Hell" episode, but I don't any previous ones where she said this (my memory is less than perfect).

However, if she was with Marcus, then he would have been translating so I guess the crew would wait to hear the translated orders from Marcus, rather than directly from Ivanova (thus avoiding any misunderstanding of an English word or phrase having a Minbari meaning). This would be the sensible (& Minbari) thing to do!
I'm pretty sure it only happens once, although Ivanova and the Minbari language have problems on many occasions. Obviously her grasp of Minbari was not yet complete, if she'd missed that.

And another point -- if Lorien can speak Minbari, then why isn't he translating?
They're probably used to hearing Marcus, but more importantly...

...Lorien would be considered, technically, a civilian.
i do remember an episode when she does say it again but i think it was under her breath so i don't think they heard it. The above responses seem to cover what happend if they did here her.
IIRC, in this scene, Ivanova is giving commands directly to the crew in Mimbari. She gives a string of mimbari command phrases and (in frustration with her deficient language skills) ends with "aw hell". In context the crew interprets this "command" along with all of the others since there is no break in between.

"Yes ma'am . . . engines to full, brickabrack lingerie, continuous fire . . ." /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
That episode is "Between the darkness and the light". It is number 20 in season 4. And yes, I remember that little humourous thingie in that episode.. I was laughing once when I was watching B5... All others thought that I'm wierd or something /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
Woah woah wait a sec, Ivanova's Minbari is a lot better in Between the Darkness and the Light, she even reminds Marcus of what he said to her a year previous, and thus the tragic events begin to unwind.

The Ah Hell one was Into the Fire wasn't it?
::checking all resources at hand other than on line::
At the beginning of S4, she asks to take one of the Whitestars out...showing Delenn and Marcus her Minbari. By the end of the Shadow War...a few episodes later, she has enough handle on it to understand Marcus' comment..at the end of the season.
Here's where I got confused. She says she has an eidetic memory. Don't know about anyone else, but if she remembers everything she's read. How the heck did she make the mistake with the Minbari commands in the first place?
Granted..it's a lot like reading Mandarin Chinese and trying to speak it correctly.
You can have a grasp of a language and yet still not understand all the idioms and nuances of it.
(Did I just answer my own argument here?)
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<font color="yellow"> Originally posted by KoshFan: </font color>
And another point -- if Lorien can speak Minbari, then why isn't he translating?


It seemed like the crew either knew English (or at least some English) or maybe Ivanova was doing her own translating (a little bit), or maybe they met somewhere in the middle. At any rate, she shouted her "Aw hell!" and I guess because it was so close to Minbari, the crew just reacted.

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