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Yeah I was just going to post and update
I'm trying as we speak it is tomorrow though, so I'm still right!


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Tomorrow for YOU maybe :p

Still isn't loading yet...hopefully it's just being slow....I WANNA SEE THE TRAILER!!!! {/childish anticipation of b5lr trailer}


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Ok I'm downloading the small and big one, just keep it on the quicktime symbol and eventually it will finish, the small one is way too small everything is a blur, but I've seen it at least!! Seems action packed and looks really cool! I need the bigger quicktime!

Most of the preview is CGI, I wish they would have included some more of the actors!

They included one good part at least :)

<table bgcolor=black><tr><td bgcolor=black><font size=1 color=white>Spoiler:</font></td></tr><tr><td><font size=2 color=black>"Oh, with you, *every* day is a good day to die!"</font></td></tr></table>

If that isn't a dig at Star Trek (and a damn funny one, too :) I don't know what is! :)

(even if it isn't, it's a good line :) :) :)

HORRAY!!! {dances around the room in joy}

I was just finishing some work on my computer and went over to see if the site may have been changed. Wow, it looks cool, hopefully Sci-fi keeps up with their promotion.

So far so good...

This is my first post, but I have been lurking here since in the beginning.

Love the site and want to say thanks to all of the actors that have visited and posted. Can’t wait for the movie and hopefully a series.


Yeah I finished the large one and saved it

Here are a few grabs




Damn two threads on this topic. Is that ship, in the top and middle pics, the Liandra? I downloaded the full screen version it is freaking awesome. I can't wait to see it widescreen on my 53" tv. Too bad it won't be high definition too.

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After viewing the trailer I only have 2 gripes.... I hope that weapons thingy isn't cheesy and the logo looks like Power Rangers! hehe Thats about it, I loved the rest

How can I save it to the hard drive? I clicked and it just started to play, not to download it.

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You have to look in your internet cache and copy it from there.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>internet cache<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Thanks, but what is this? Are the "Temporary Internet Files"?

Understanding is a three edged sword.
Hm, I don't know - I clicked and it started to download. Strange.

But yes, I think that Temporary Internet Files should have it... I'm not 100% sure, though.

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Yep temp internet files, sorry for being so vague, there are alot of files there so sort them according to size by clicking on the size field and look for a file approx. 5 megabytes


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Anyone else have trouble with it? I clicked on the links, a box popped up with the Quicktime logo, but then nothing happened. I tried in both Netscape and Explorer.

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Ninja - I'm having trouble with it, too. I'll report in later!

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I got the small version okay, but anything else seems to hang, even though I have a cable modem.

Probably just high traffic.

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