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Is anyone recording this?


I just had an idea. Yea it suprises me too. Is anyone logging the comments of the nay-sayers in this forum? All the people with the complaints, bitches, moans, and general displeasure? Someone should be.

Because I think it would be a riot that if Rangers becomes a series, somewhere around Season 3 to release those people's comments and compare them to what they think at that point. I have a week's salary that says by Season 3 in the series those same people will be as in love with the series as they were with B5.
It would be priceless to remind those few of 'oh...I used to say THAT about Rangers?'

Just a thought, dont mind me.

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Well, that might be funny. But I tend to think that people who stay around to trash (over and over again) a movie they don't like are probably going to stay around to bash a series they don't like.

If I had not liked the telemovie, I would have said "adios" to the Rangers portion of this site.

I started off not liking Enterprise very much, I admit that. But it has caught my interest lately. I think it is really settling in, as ALL series do in time (if they are any good at all, IMHO).

If you get your kicks trolling, you are not likely to admit you were wrong.

So it sounds like a good idea, but I doubt that it would lead to anything other than more annoyance.

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Those that had legitimate gripes or did not understand how JMS develops shows will probably stay and admit it if they change their minds. Those who are trolling will not let things like facts get in the way of what they are saying. Once they are completely proven wrong they will move to harping on something else to try and get someone, usually people new to the board, angry.

Everything typed here since the launch can be found either by changing how long back you want to look within a forum or by looking in the appropriate archive. I believe only off topic has an archive at the moment but I may be wrong. I also do not remeber if or how many posts Antony has completely deleted.

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Just because a person lets it be known that there are some things they didn't like about the movie, doesn't mean that they're a naysayer or a troll. They may have valid criticisms, and hopefully, these will be corrected in the series.

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I'd have to agree with Recoil on this. Season one of B5 imo was weak compared to season two to season four.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Doctor Gonzo:
I also do not remeber if or how many posts Antony has completely deleted.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
No forums have archives, well only on my hard disk. But Rangers is the only forum still intact, hence it's a lot larger than the rest.

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