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I'm Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)


I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

That was so beautiful. Oh, that was beautiful.

I told you Elisabeth was going to die! I told you! It's this instinct I have, it's like me and JMS are distantly related. We're on the same wavelength.

I still believe that Meaghan, the woman under glass, will be the cure to the new plague. She hasn't shown up since "Firewall" and they're trying to get us to forget about her. I won't.

LOL, Busch Stadium. I love that! I was also glad Theo took some action when they were surrounded by VS. It was very like her character to say "Fuck," and start shooting. Way to be.

Ezekial shouldn't have been brought back. There was no point to bring him back from "Tripwire" just to have him die now. They definately should have left him dead in "Tripwire", it raised the stakes.
That said, Ezekial died in the ultimate pussy way. He yells, "Jeremiah!" and gets shot. Very anti-climactic. Unless of course he shows up again - which would be gay. I love Alex Zahara even more than the next guy, but you can't keep ressurecting his character without a good explination.

Oh, the scene where the many area leaders were being rounded up was so awesome. And I have this horrible feeling Kurdy, Lee Chen, and the Mountain are going for a jailbreak.

Jeremiah meets his dad. DAMN! I loved the music, I loved the many Shadows and now I officially love Mike Vejar.

Sadly, I really did love these last two episodes, but this season as a whole sucked. When summing up this season, I'll semi-quote our friend Major Quantrell:

"You people had your chance. You had 20 fucking episodes and you spent it on your asses writing boring stuff."
Although that is a little harsh and very general, I can't help but agree with MGKE when he said that if this weren't a JMS show he wouldn't be watching.

Here's to Season 2!
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

Once again, I am not accessing this thread to read it until I get to see the episode, which should be in a few days. Please, darlings, keep talking until then. I hate it when I come in on the tail end of the discussion! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

Y'know, I'm kinda ambivalent about the whole season two thing. I'm one of the nuts who actually subscribed to Showtime in order to see Jeremiah and now I sorta wish I had saved my money. I saw one or two episodes that really caught my attention and the others were basically boring, tedious and uneventful. Now that season one is over, I have to say that I am disappointed. I haven't seen a single episode of Jeremiah that can hold a candle to any of the Dead Zone's that have aired so far. Smallville, Enterprise, Angel, Buffy ... all of these were better than Jeremiah imho and with Firefly and Twilight Zone coming, I simply don't think I'll have the time or the interest to keep up with a season two. A shame really because I really do like that Kurdy guy.
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

I too subscribed to Showtime just for Jeremiah, but for me it was worth it. I agree that the season as a whole doesn't blow me away though. I think that this season finale tied together a lot of the events that occured throughout season 1. We need a season 2 now because this show was only just beginning to shine.

When you really think of sci-fi shows, have there been any that you have watched that were really great the first season? I think the only first season sci-fi show I was really pulled into was Farscape. I'm a recent B5 fan having watched all the episodes 2-3 "run-throughs" ago on Sci-Fi and I only made it through those first season episodes due to the excessive nagging and pleading of a friend of mine who promised it would all come together....and he was right. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

Did anyone else catch those clips in this episode that showed the rioting that took place when the plague was widespread? They have a shot in there of a military vehicle in the streets of a city with a fire raging. I remember that shot being used in two B5 episodes when they were getting news about marshall law on Earth. JMS had noted for the B5 episode that they had used news reel footage, I just found it odd they used that one small clip again. Photographic memory hard at work. :p

I hope we get a second season. /forums/images/icons/frown.gif

Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

I think Jeremiah is a excellent show. All those "boring episodes" werent really very boring. They just werent as good as the Big 3 episodes of the season. Every single episode led up to the last 3 episodes. There was stuff from every single show in the finale, which is how a show should be. Everyone should watch it again in replay or if you have it taped.

As for the finale. HOLY $@$%. Excellent finale. As i mentioned before i read a small summary off showtimes site for this episode but if you read it you were not spoiled as much as i thought. It didnt even mention the ending. A few things about the ending

1-Ezikiel cant be dead right now. He has to tell Kurdy where to go :)
2-What are the other 2 smaller places that are like VS?
3-I do think Lee Chen will help Kurdy to a jail break.
4-What Happened to Wiley? He just ran.
5-That Ending with Jeremiahs dad walking over head was terrific. Then the great end line "Hey Dad, Im home"

There are many more questions. Just like B5. Dozens of questions answered, dozens more asked

Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

Ezekial doesnt have to tell Kurdy where to go, that Wiley guy can. You never saw him get caught. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

PsionTen: Id be careful at saying Enterprise, and Angel, and maybe even Smallville beat out Jeremiah. Smallville was a good show but goddamn did it get repeatative. "Something mutated by the meteor starts bothering people in down. Clark saves the day. Rinse. Repeat." Enterprise = bleh except the Suliban episodes. Angel ain't no Buffy.

Ok all that aside, I think the finale rocked. The directing was great and I really liked how they ended it all. I hope we get a Season 2 because now we are seeing what the show can be and will be all about.

[*] I had a feeling Elizabeth was a dead woman. Someone in here last week was making a big stink that Lyta had posted a "spoiler" in the open about Elizabeth appearing to be recovering. Well we obviously know that was not indeed a spoiler now don't we. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

[*] Im not sure I liked all the Kurdy dialogue around Elizabeth, but I thought his acting was very very strong in those scenes.

[*] The VS story is getting interesting. We still dont know where it is, but we know what it is. I also liked in the explainations tying in real-life things like Anthrax and Small Pox. Chilling in a way in light of recent events.

[*] I dont compare the Millhaven to Z'Ha'Dum really even though Ezekial was warning him not to go. Really was a different set of circumstances and will more than likely turn out very different in the end.

[*] I also didnt like the way Ezekial "died" (and I'm pretty sure he is dead). Seemed kind of a silly thing to do it that way after the whole season. Also I would have thought the VS guys would have recognized him. (or did they?)

[*] For that matter, we are assuming that Jeremiah was captured by VS. Was he captured by the badguy VS people, or has his dad managed to splinter off in one of those other facilities? It probably IS VS, but that was a possibility that occured to me.

[*] JMS has used the Ivanova line "We have to create the future, or others will do it for us" a few times now. Once in "Firewall." Once I think in "Means to an End." And now in Marcus's speech in this episode. Too bad he really didnt have a chance to use it. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

[*] The final scenes with the capture of the leaders was great and the directing was awesome. All of it leading to the end scene with Jeremiah and his dad was fantastic. THAT is what this series can be if it gets its run. Hopefully it will.

I *CAN'T* stop drawing this parallel enough, but it just screams of Season 1 B5 for me in some ways. I didnt like B5 at all when it first ran, S1 turned me off and I never really gave it a chance. I didnt tune into the show until I started catching the Sci-Fi re-runs in S3 and such, then watched it from the begining. Even then I really didnt care for S1 and wanted it to get over quickly. It wasnt until I had seen the show once all the way through that I really started to get a appreciation for S1. I think Jeremiah's S1 is the same in lots of ways. Its building up. I think the finale was at least as good as Chrysalis. I do think B5 had better "filler" episodes in its S1, which is probably why some people are questioning Jeremiah now. But I think Jeremiah's best episodes really do shine, and if things hold true, S2 and S3 will be excellent with a lot more arc episodes and much more exciting to watch, with less filler stuff.

I hope there is a Season 2, but I am skeptical at this point, just to be honest.
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
PsionTen: Id be careful at saying Enterprise, and Angel, and maybe even Smallville beat out Jeremiah. Smallville was a good show but goddamn did it get repeatative. "Something mutated by the meteor starts bothering people in down. Clark saves the day. Rinse. Repeat." Enterprise = bleh except the Suliban episodes. Angel ain't no Buffy.


Gotta respectfully disagree with you, but to each his own. Even though I didn't take to Jeremiah, I have to admit that its the best series on Showtime ... makes me wonder what HBO could do with a sci-fi series.
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

Enterprise hasnt done much for me except those Suliban episodes. Smallville is great, but only cause of Lana. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

Yea being on Showtime definately limits the exposure the show would get, which is also probably why you dont see it written about and hyped up as much in TV guides and magazines. Seriously, when do you EVER see Showtime shows in those things? Almost never. Their subscription rate is also considerably lower than HBO and some other Premium channels.

I agree, I would be curious to see what HBO could do with a good Sci-Fi show...
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

The way I got it Devon (Jeremiah's Daddy - What would the secong name be? I'll bet my pants it starts with S) is working in/for Valhalla sector but is working against them - kind of a mole, just that he is his own mastermind. If we get to see Season 2 I think Devon will have to pretend to be against Jeremiah. And I'm quite sure we are to find out about Lee's position in all of this. If we don't get a Season 2 Showtime officials will find Antrax in their Mail Box/forums/images/icons/devil.gif

Am I the only one that had trouble breathing towards the end of this? This was f*cking awesome! Second best Cliffhanger of all times - second only to Z'ha'dum.
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

<font color="yellow">I *CAN'T* stop drawing this parallel enough, but it just screams of Season 1 B5 for me in some ways.</font color>

I know, my husband and I talked about the same thing after watching part two. There was a time way back in 1994 when he was a bigger fan of b5 than I *gasp* ... no, it's true! I was a huge Trek fan (mostly TNG) and when I saw this new show called Babylon 5, I thought I would give it a shot. Well, I didn't care for it and plus, they moved the time slot around so much it was hard to watch all the eps. Turns out, I missed most of the good ones so when season two came around, I was lost. Everything had changed and I didn't know why. I decided I didn't like the show and was going to give up.

Then came this trip to Sweden to meet this guy who I ended up marrying a few years later. He was impressed that I liked SciFi and had heard of B5. Of course, he was disappointed I didn't like it and once he figured out why ... he sat me down in front of the TV to show me the last half of season one. Suddenly, everything made sense and I was hooked. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

Guess that was a lengthy way of agreeing with you Recoil. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif I think I have stuck with Jeremiah because I know more about how JMS writes television shows. There is a payoff and there are clues left to try to figure it out along the way.

I just really hope Showtime gives it another season at least because this is where the story can really start to get going. Obviously, the entire season one was a set up for something greater that we are just beginning to see and imagine.

BTW, if anyone is wondering why I have been so slow at updating my Jeremiah site ... It is mostly done but I have been having a hard time getting my thoughts down for a review. Plus, I have just had some of the busiest weeks at work lately and I just don't have the time or energy to spend on it. We also had our company picnic today (which was LAME) and then I go into work again tomorrow evening. /forums/images/icons/frown.gif
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

I had never seen Jeramiah before this episode, and by freak accident I saw it.

that being said, I thought the finale was amazing. It was very well done, well acted, and a lot of people died.

that one guy, kinda rushed the secrets a little too fast, so I got kinda confused, but is Vahalla sector in New Guinea or was Jeremiah there at the end?

Even though I've heard that the other eps sucked, this episode has gotten me hooked.If the show gets renewed I may have to pick up showtime.

Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

The other episodes didn't generaly suck. JMS's episodes generally were VERY good, I would not call a single one under avarage, 3 were extremely powerful ("And the Ground Sown with Salt", "Firewall", "Tripwire" - The finale was not very good..the final was fucking amazing). But, JMS only wrote about half of the season. The guy that wrote most the other episodes (Sam Egan) wrote lots of crap(when I say crap I mean crap - at least 3 of his eps should have never been produced), but also some good episodes. For a first season, I'd say it was quite good - But I hope JMS writes a higher percentage of the episodes if Jeremiah gets renewed in seasons to come. I hope he goes completely nuts like he did on B5 and writes it all /forums/images/icons/cool.gif
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

I agree with ChiLIBeserker, the shows did not suck. I think B5 fans rate shows harder than other viewers. I know 3 people who have never seen B5 and the love this show. They all say there was only 1 below average episode "Ring of Truth." All the other show they feel were very good. My friends that watched B5 seem to grade the episodes a little harder. All in all I think it was a great 1st season. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

Give me P! Give me a an H!...
Topless dirty cheerleaders make everything better.

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
that being said, I thought the finale was amazing. It was very well done, well acted, and a lot of people died.



</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />

that one guy, kinda rushed the secrets a little too fast, so I got kinda confused, but is Vahalla sector in New Guinea or was Jeremiah there at the end?


You mean New Delhi. Valhalla Sector is in the United States, they were just doing experimentes outside the country to hide it. I am assuming Jeremiah is in Valhalla Sector because Ezekial said his father was there.

The episode looked pretty goddamn cool. Lots of shooting, great use of the helicopters' spotlights, and the military vehicles in the stadium. The great ending, with the heart-beat sound and flashing images, was perfect.

Right before watching the ep, I moved my surround speakers to better positions (L-brackets rule), jacked up the sub, and set my receiver for Pro-Logic sound. Kick-ass!

IMO, season 1 of B5 was way worse than what came later. And no, not because it didn't have more arc or Shadows, but because they were still finding their ground and just had some clunkers. I'm taking the optimistic route and hoping the same will be true for Jeremiah.

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
, I can't help but agree with MGKE when he said that if this weren't a JMS show he wouldn't be watching.


If things continue like this, this will no longer be true.
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

I hate that. I really, really hate that. Even though I've used that excuse to explain away bad B5 and Jeremiah episodes before (yeah, I'm a hypocrite), I cannot stand the "it takes a while to find our footing" explanation TV shows often give their constituencies to make up for episodes like "Ring of Truth."

The *rest* of the world doesn't get a full year to "find their center."

You all know by now that I'm a writer - a journalist, right now, to be precise. I recently started at a new paper, and I absolutely adore my job.

I arrived there last Thursday at 8:30 am. By 8:45 I had eight assignments and was glued to the phone interviewing local police officers. The paper isn't interested in me "finding my footing" or "cementing my voice" or taking my sweet time to center myself. No sirree. They hired me because I already had a voice - because I was already centered - because I could jump in with two feet instead of wading around going, "ooh, the water's hot, ouchies!"

Now, that said, if a bad first season (and Jeremiah had, for the most part, a REALLY INTERESTING, VERY COOL first season, at least for me) is what it takes to get to some really fantastic television, I'll watch it.

Too bad it's not that way in the real world.
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

Channe, you can't compare journalism, which goal is (or should be), the presentation of facts, with art or entertainment. I'm sure that in most of our jobs we don't have time and opportunity to find our ground. If my software doesn't work, there are no excuses.

But it's different with books or music or even TV.
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

I'll argue that point, GKE. Yeah, there are a lot of cosmetic differences between the creative process of a television show and that of what I do. Essentially, though, it's the same.

Be good. Be fantastic. All the time. 24/7. Be constantly, consistently creative, different, snappy. Better yourself. Every single instant of the day. Be able to do it when working towards a common vision with a number of other people, whom you may or may not get along with, and know that it's not who you get along with, it's how good the vision is at the end that matters. No frickin' excuses. It's be the most brilliant thing on the block at all times, or you're going to lose readers to the competition. I deal with facts of this world; Jeremiah deals with facts of that world. I tell the stories of the people I meet; the writers on Jeremiah tell the stories of the people they meet. And, in the end, you always have to remember that you need to stay true to the subject material.

Television, and SF TV is one of the only things in writing-land that can get away with shirking this responsibility... /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

I guess you and I just see it differently. I personally would be more willing to group writing a TV show in the same category with writing songs than journalism, as both are art or entertainment.

Do you love every song that you favorite musicians create? No, some will be better than others, but that's OK, it's part of the creative process.
Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

I don't know if anyones brought this up, but there is a Vahalla in New York state. I know Jeremiah is filmed in Canada, but does it take place in New York?

Re: I\'m Going to Cry (TLU pt 2) (Spoilers)

Jeremiah takes place in the Western U.S. for the most part. The last episode had some the cast go farther east to St. Louis. Vahalla Sector is in Virignia somewhere


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