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Hmm. Sounds like Rangers!


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I reported over at TrekToday on two Gene Roddenberry films that are going to be happening:


But this sounded familar, regarding the concept of one:

"Against this backdrop, the best and brightest galactic teens are recruited and trained in body, mind and spirit as elite Astari Rangers, the renaissance teens of the future and guardians of the peace."

*cough* Can we say Rangers?

Then again... if this is truly from Gene's work, maybe JMS has been copying?!
Makes me wonder how much is actual Roddenberry's and how much is additions by Majel? Not hard to take a few notes written about a possible plot, add one's own ideas and claim it came Roddenberry himself. Just call me, "The Skeptical Gangster."
Except for the name "Rangers" (which goes back aways and wasn't exactly invented by JMS) I don't really see that much of a similarity.

I'd say these two concepts borrow a lot more heavily from Trek itself (the abandoned Starfleet Academy concept) and Star Wars. Can you say "Young Jedi"?

I think they're getting to the point where any two random words that Gene wrote on the back of an old matchbook are now being used as the "basis" for a new series - which is "fleshed out" by others. I seriously doubt he left that many unfilmed series outlines, pilot scripts, etc. lying around when he died.


I think it was SFX that made fun of this at one point.. jokingly saying that some Gene concepts had been found, becuase they were a few bits scribbled upon a piece of toilet paper that he wiped his ass with once.
I tolerate absolutely nothing that has to do with the hokey-arse wording "Star Rangers," and you can bet your dickens that "As" was added to make it not sound dumb.

The pivotal moment, for me, was when I read a piece of drivel known as "Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers" aloud in a coffeehouse to eight of my hysterical friends.

I cannot go back.

Astari. *snort*
you can bet your dickens that "As" was added to make it not sound dumb.

Actually I think this was just somebody having trouble with Gene's handwriting. This particular "concept" was one he came up with in the early 70s - not for a TV show, but for a video game. What he really scribbled in his notebook was two words -

Atari Rangers.


I did a "comic book" called Planet Rangers when I was about 9 or 10. It was every bit as good and original as the title suggests.


and you can bet your dickens that "As" was added to make it not sound dumb.

I think you mean "to make it not sound as dumb." ... I'd still argue the name sounds dumb.
Pretty much anything used in space fiction with "rangers" sounds dumb ... exccept for B5 probably because they only used "Rangers" with no silly prefixual (that's not a word, is it? it is now!) word and their true name was something else. Also it was B5 so automatically cool.

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