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Has anyone thought of this?

I want to start by saying that I really appreciate everyone's honest responses to the fim, those who really liked it and those who were disappointed by it. The fact that so many people are talking about it is great!! Now something for the people who didn't like it so much. Have you every considered that JMS was writing a movie to connect with a whole new audience as well as current B5 fans? Perhaps he did take some liberties with the time line, and just because we have never seen the Minbari or The Rangers act like this before (not backing down from a battle) doesn't mean that in this new section of the B5 universe that it isn't possible. I can't speak for JMS of course...I am just putting out some food for thought. We all: fans, actors, writers, producers, crew, stations, everyone involved puts a lot of heart into what we do and share. There are more things going on here than meet the eye, I am sure. When we share our views about things that worked or didn't work let's try and keep the passion in check so that we can all get our point across without being shutdown. Thank you Alex Zahara

Good show, old man! Kudos on showing up here so soon after that movie aired. You are indeed learning the ways of the Rangers, my friend.

Yes, of course it was geared towards people who aren't B5 fans. In fact, many believe that this is necessary to get the kind of ratings that the Sci-Fi channel needs to green-light a series. That is, we insane B5 nutjobs might not be enough.

Alex, if you're interested, I started a thread in this forum called Watching the Rangers where I described the viewing of the movie by myself and a non-B5 fan.

Minor qibbles aside, we both liked it. A couple of times he asked, "Do I have to know about B5 to understand this reference?" Except for the G'Kar's Sweedish meatball line, that answer was always no.

So, yes, the pilot is quite capable of attracting Those Who Are Not Like Us.

Oh, and Alex...
Nice Job!!
Wowie Zowie, your character and your portrayal of him was easily one of the best things in the movie. Dulann is so cool! He was likeable immediately, and your delivery of the humorous dialogue was subtle and very Minbarish.

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Definitely, Alex.

We as fans sometimes get a bit overzealous (myself, I think criticizing the film for putting Dulann on a flat bed instead of a reclined bed, like I heard last night in the chatroom, is a bit too over-picky for my taste), and forget that there are people who don't know the difference between a Nial and a Sharlin, and who expect a certain amount of human behavior out of a human.

I watched Rangers again last night, and although I have the same opinion of the script (some lines worked better on the second time around than the first, which was wierd!), I caught some things that I hadn't caught before. But other things I hadn't thought about - such as the rebuilt Tuzanor, which was different because we're talking about the era after the Minbari Civil War, after the Worker Caste gained a majority on the Grey Council! (Reform! Reform!)

So, yeah, maybe I've been a bit guilty of picking over Rangers like the rabid B5 fan I am... heh. I'll tone it down.

I don't want to violate the board policy, so I'm not going to ask questions
but I want to say that I really enjoyed your portrayal of Dulann, Alex - it was spot-on Minbari - and I'm going to absolutely have a fit if there's no series.

Rangers, although imperfect and clunky in places, I think has more potential in its Hand (nyuck, nyuck) than Enterprise had in its whole body.

Something else struck me on my second viewing. G'Kar's last monologue, right before the last scene with David and Sarah on the balcony. That described the series, right there. (Does someone have a transcript?)

I think this is one of the only times in the face of television where there has been both a fairly bad script and a potential for greatness all in one package. Usually, it's bad script/bad show (Andromeda), or great script/great show (West Wing). I'm sure JMS isn't going to dissappoint if Rangers goes to series.

And, besides, it'll be fun. This is far more than I intended to write the first time, so I'm signing off and going to go cook some swedish meatballs for dinner. (No kidding, I'm actually having swedish meatballs, and have been planning to do so from last Thursday...)

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I agree with the rest. EXCELLENT job in the show. I posted in another thread that I thought you seemlessly picked up your character as if you had been playing him for years. You and Dulann were a natural fit, and the relationship between Dulann and David Martel was also very natural. While Dylan and Myriam gave great performances as well, IMO yours was the best fit to character coming out of the gate.

As with the rest, I hope we do get the series so we can see everything as it comes to pass.

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Hey, glad you could drop by. I too loved the show, and loved its potential even more. In terms of Pilots for Sci Fi series, this was one of the best I have ever seen. I mean, Geeze, B5's Pilot BLEW. It made me miss virtually the entire first season. Ditto for Star Trek the Next Generation. God Encounter at Farpoint sucked. I have to say the same for virtually every pilot I have seen for a new Sci Fi series. But not this one. I won't say it was as good as later B5 episodes, it wasn't. But in my mind it has just as much, if not more, potential.

I mean, let's look at this rationally. JMS banged the script out in a week and a half. None of you actors have really had time to settle into your characters yet. The franchise has been mostly dead for several years. And yet a movie was turned out that has 99% of us hard core fans liking it a lot, and quibbling over really very minor faults. I wanted to see Minbari fighting staves. Some people were all peeved over the gunnery pod (Though to me it made sense). Minor issues.

Anyway, you guys did great, and Dulann is a GREAT character. You and Dylan Neal had an easy rapport going through the entire movie that worked wonderfully. I really hope you guys all get a chance to really delve into your characters in a (hopefully long lived) series.

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Ya thanx Alex.....

I like totally hated the movie at first but then I put my self in other peeps shoes and realized that it wasnt that bad, especially if its only a pilot.

Check out "The Gathering" and you see some very bad atrocities, yet things only get better.

Already TLaDiS has established a new enemy, a new ship, and some new tech. When a few of the kinks are worked out, im sure this will be way better than Crusade, maybe even up to B5's 3 and 4 seasons' calibre.

I loved the rangers Alex ,all good points I suppose not to many people who didn't like the film I would gather didn't think of the obvious reason he wrote the script the way he did. Good show to all involved.

It's really great having you here Alex, it's an honor in fact.

I understand what you say and I felt it in some parts of the film. that need for commercialization we see by putting the shields and torpedoes, something never seen on B5, but well, if it worked for Andromeda why not work for us?

And again, its incredible to actually be talking with the cast and crew.

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Thanks for the input. Hopefully you'll be able to see our silly nitpicking for years.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by alex zahara:
Have you every considered that JMS was writing a movie to connect with a whole new audience as well as current B5 fans? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That's a really good point.

I think another thing to keep in mind is that most of us here had really high expectations for this thing. Probably unreasonably high, given that this was a pilot and had a lot of things to iron out. So we were bound to be disappointed to some extent.

I've been a bit critical, so I should probably point out that despite its flaws, this movie was still vastly better than most of the stuff polluting the airwaves.

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I agree with Alex. SFC wants to bring in new fans, & new fans make the ratings higher!

Btw, the first time I saw B5 was the night TNT premiered In the Beginning. I couldn't follow the movie much at all, because it was really more for long-term fans. So it's not a bad idea for the Rangers movie to have a simpler plot for the "newbies".

Alex, you were great as Dulann!



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hey everyone thanks for your thoughtful imput. Esp Gkar'sEye for the bravery of being the first to respond. Wow you guys and gals are all very level headed and yet passionate, that gives me goose bumps. Really good points you all raised, (I'd better go back and read them again) I wanted to quote a few. I will check out the threads you mentioned and check back. Thanks so much for all the compliments, some of us (characters) were a smooth ride and others are a bit bumbier, we all would like and deserve a chance to show you more, Again thanks for your support here's to B5 fans everywhere!!! CHEERS!!! Alex Zahara aka Dulann

The actors are too nice, it's gotta be some kinda psychological trick to make them coffee or something.
Just wondering, but shouldn't Alex be given his cast picture by now? Just seems a little too weird, to have a character who can see dead people have an avatar that is a dead person.

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Boy, I couldn't agree with you all more in this thread. It is a shame that some of the hard core fans (and fanboy/trolls for that matter too) can't step back and enjoy the movie for what it was ... a possible introduction to a series and bringing a new and wider audience to appriciate it.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by channe:
Something else struck me on my second viewing. G'Kar's last monologue, right before the last scene with David and Sarah on the balcony. That described the series, right there. (Does someone have a transcript?)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You called?

As did you. Those are important words David, "under the circumstances". We do the best we can with what we are given. We are imperfect reflections of the universe around us. We cannot change the past, we can only learn from it ... and try to create a future in which such errors do not recur. Sadly, we're still working on that last part.

Me thinks yet another G'Kar quote is going in my sig list.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lyta:
Me thinks yet another G'Kar quote is going in my sig list.


I love your current sig.:

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I can honestly say that ALOT of non-5ers liked it, at least at TrekWeb, Slipstream Web and Andromedatv

Well, I personally thought that Alex and the other cast members did an excellent job of playing their parts. Yeah, this movie was a little different from what we're used to seeing on B5, and even on Crusade, but that's what JMS wanted when he wrote the script for Rangers.

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I greatly enjoyed "Rangers". Liked B5 also.
I've been a fan of well written and well executed scifi for many years.. good luck. I look forward to seeing more...

I've not even had a chance to read through any posts yet. I'll have to find what this fuss over the time line is about.
But I doubt JMS got it wrong, he's too good at things like that. More likely the fans have miscalcuated. But I'll have to wait and see.

But definitely it has to connect with the new audience, and not confuse them too. As I said in my early review, it's more show and less tell... broader strokes. The subelties would come later, as we know JMS can deliver. But too much in a pilot would just scare people off.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KoshN:
I love your current sig.:<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Thanks! I have a few others on my list but I wanted to pick something that no one else has yet. That scene just cracks me up everytime!

And just in case this was not entirely clear before ... I have a list of sigs that I use for email and a program which randomly selects one of them. I won't be changing the one on the boards for a while.

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