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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Hi everybody! Seeing that the 5th book finally came out this weekend, I was wondering what the availability of the book is where you live. Around here, you can't find them at all! I've looked all over, and they're completely gone! I knew I should've preordered it.
I went with a friend to a local big supermarket... they were sold out. But walked a few hundred metres to a Borders bookstore, and they had plenty.
Drove to my local Waldenbooks. Sold out.
Drove to Borders. Sold out.
Drove to Barnes and Noble. Sold out.
Drove to another Waldenbooks. Sold out.
Drove to a local independent bookstore. Sold out.


Drove to Target. Bought the book for $16. (And then promptly read the whole thing. I'm a dork.)
Here is an easy 5 step plan to getting your very own copy of Harry Potter: Order of the Phenoix and have some fun while at it.

1: Find kid who is your size and age.

2: Get Baseball bat or somthing similer.

3: Make sure this is a person you DON'T like

4: Beat with baseball bat until said person is a) dead or b) pretty much dead.

5: Repeat until you have a copy of the new Harry Potter book. :D
I was in two bookstores on Saturday, and in both they had tables piled high with copies. I guess it must depend where you are. The price varied, too. Both were selling at below RRP, but at one store they were selling them for £11.99, in the other at £9.99. Yet they were two branches of the same chain, only 20 miles from each other. Odd.
I had to work on Saturday morning & afternoon, so I thought I would have trouble finding a copy. But I went to Wal-Mart after work & they had plenty. :)

My dad looked all over KC and couldn't find the book but we had pre-ordered the book and it arrived June 21st. I have already read it and my 12 year old is in the process.
You know what? I haven't read one Harry Potter book yet. :eek: Actually, I've just recently watched the 1st Harry Potter movie.
Trust me, the books are SOOO much better.

I went to Target and Wal-Mart yesterday. They were all sold out. Both clerks I talked to said I should try a bookstore. :eek:
Try the bookstores on Thursday or Friday. We used to get our shipments at the bookstore I worked at on Thursday, and trust me, there will be copies.

Or put yourself on a waiting list. :)
Hem Hem

I drove my bike into Vienna to pick up my copy at 1 AM when it was released (It was released here when the clock struck midnight in the UK). Got a copy at the midnight-part of the British Bookshop in Vienna for 24 Euros. My friends all said I was nuts when I did that. By now, they are all on their knees begging for me to lend them the book for it's sold out everywhere and getting a copy is momentarily quite difficult :D

I'm at page 400 right now - haven't had much time to read, unfortinantley

And I must say...

JK Rowling is god. Well, she and JMS.

I can't say how it compares with the other books for the big twists always come in the end of the HP books and I'm nowhere near to that..but it definantley is in possesion of my brain as HP books usually are. And it, like its predesessors, it really creates genuine annoyance towards annoying characters
Not wanting to give anything away so I won't comment on book #5 (which I read for 8 hours straight as soon as we received it) so I must say this -- The movies are very good yes but the books are soooooo much better. If you have seen the movies and enjoyed them, I am sure you would enjoy the books -- the only trouble I have is waiting for the next one to come!! I also recommend to everyone who can to preorder the books as they are then delivered straight to your door the day the book is released (no waiting in lines, no sorry the book is sold out).
What is wrong with you people! Everyone I know who reads Harry Potter bought the book and read 900 pages straight! You sound like you're addicted to crack!

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