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G'kar at Blockbuster


Beyond the rim
G\'kar at Blockbuster

Heather and I were in a Blockbuster video store this evening. As we
were browsing a familiar voice came over the store speakers. It was G'kar!!
Yes, The "Rangers" trailer is showing on the Blockbuster Video
advertising schedule. This is great!!! I like the idea of G'kar popping
up when you least expect him. Thank you SFC now forget about the ratings
and just give the go for a "Rangers" series now!!!

Re: G\'kar at Blockbuster

Man, that is too cool, now I am going to have to go to BlockBuster in St. Louis and see if I see it.

Re: G\'kar at Blockbuster

WestTim, I noticed the same thing when I was at Blockbuster last night. I was tempted to mention here, but you beat me to it.

Glad to see Sci-Fi is giving the movie some good publicity.

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Re: G\'kar at Blockbuster

Ninja Squirrel-

Yes, the movie is getting publicity, and we're all VERY happy for that! Now, the only problem is:

are they publicizing the right things?

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