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G'Kar and the Grey Council


G\'Kar and the Grey Council

A bit of the plot that I find a little odd is G'Kar speaking to the Grey Council. The Grey Council rule the Minbari and have no authority over the rest of the Interstellar Alliance (ISA). Giving his speech to the ISA Council would make sense, but why the Grey Council?

The Grey Council is based on Minbar and so are Sheridan & Delenn. I think that
the ISA Council is still on Babylon 5. The Rangers now report to the ISA rather than the Grey Council.

The still of the Grey Council shows 9 members, I wonder who the 9th Minbari is? Sheridan? Delenn? Or someone we do not know yet?

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Re: G\'Kar and the Grey Council

I heard the words "Ranger Council" mentioned in there somewhere. It could be that the Ranger Council has been created as the legislative arm of Entil'zha, because Delenn just doesn't have the time to deal with every single infraction. Now, how G'Kar gets involved with Martel - that'll be interesting to find out. Remember, he asks "What was his crime?" So maybe G'Kar is there for an ulterior purpose, and he meets Martel on the way?

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Re: G\'Kar and the Grey Council

Suffice it to say that G'Kar's celebrity is enough to get Martel's punishment greatly reduced.

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Re: G\'Kar and the Grey Council

Yeah, I seem to remember it being described as 'grey council-like'. As the Rangers grow in size, they are taking on bigger and more bureaucracy intense duties, they may need another level of bureaucrats. After all during B5 Sheridan and Delenn shared control over the Rangers in their sector while ahem, someone else had overall control. Perhaps there is a member of the council for each sector. One member could either be in charge of the Narn-Centauri border or all of the Narn borders, etc.

One side note, I just tried to look up how etc. is spelled witout abbreviation and could not find it. Does anyone know how it is spelled?

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Re: G\'Kar and the Grey Council

Et cetera - two words, in Latin: "And more" or "and other (objects, items)" Et al. (for et alius or et alia) is the related term for "and others" (usually meaning "other people") or "and another"



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