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Galactica Miniseries...


Beyond the rim
It seems there is to be a new Galactica miniseries based on the original BSG, coming some time in the future, being made by SciFi.

They announced back on February 13th that they have cast the main roles of Starbuck and Apollo, and that Starbuck has been written as a female character.

here is the link:


(i looked to see if this had been reported already, but i did not see anything about it)
Actually, you are both right. GShans was giving the link to the news article about the miniseries, and kingfish gave the link to the official site.

I never got into BSG at all, but I would like to see another space-based show on the so-called science fiction channel.
Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

To Galactica fans and other scifi fans that would like to know why the fan base of the series is against the remake, check this ad. It put the reasons clear and in a cool way. Also check the places at the end of the ad to see what is happening.

Galactica: The Remake Opposition

Krystal :)
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

Ok, see that was a fucking waste of my time.

Honestly, you post a link asking for people to help in a clear and cool manner, yet the link is OBVIOUSLY made by some whiny fan of the old show who is complainint because it is *gasp* different, and that none of the original cast isnt in it. If you look at that site objectively, its pretty pathetic. "THE FANS WERE LIED TO" GOD get a clue, no one was lied to, it was clear from day 1 what this was.

Remakes are just that, DIFFERENT. You wont ever find members of original casts in remakes. The webmaster of that site really needs to grasp that concept a little better.

I actually am a bit disappointed at some of the stuff I am seeing in articles of the remake, but Im also not crying because every minute detail isnt the same. Like it or hate it, its a remake. These people act like they have never heard the phrase "retelling of the original story" before. I wonder if people whined this much about Dune when it was rumored to come out in miniseries...

Folks, lastly, dont be fooled into looking at that link, its just a whiny sideshow and contains not something asking for objective input into your feelings of the remake. Save 2 minutes of your life if you choose to do so...
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

You wont ever find members of original casts in remakes.

Well, that is not necessarily true. There have been a number of remakes where members of the original cast showed up in a much smaller part in a remake. This is done as a sort of nod to both the people who originally made something interesting enough to warrent a remake and to the fans of that original.

Just a couple examples: Faye Dunaway appeared as a psychaitrist in the remake of The Thomas Crowne Affair (in which Rene Russo had the equivalent of Dunaway's original part); Richard Roundtree appeared in the relatively recent version of Shaft (I guess ostensibly playing the same part, but with Samual L. Jackson's John Shaft being his nephew and now the titular character). Though not exactly a remake in terms of movies, in an even more recent example Chicago has an equivalent piece of casting where Chita Rivera (the original Velma Kelly on Broadway) played one of the other prisoners who sings and dances a part in one song (which is done as an ensemble by "the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail").
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

I'm not going to decide whether the remake is a good or bad thing until I actually view it when it is on in December.
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

What I meant, and I guess I should have spelled it out, was that in remakes you rarely (if ever) find original cast members playing their roles. In a "nod to the original" situation, sure, but you cant expect to have the original cast come back in a REMAKE. If they do, its called a reunion (ala gilligans island, and the dukes of hazard 1-4 reunions, etc...)
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

I, for one, have no problem with them re-casting Starbuck as a female, but that's just because I've never seen an episode of Battlestar Galactica in my life and I have no emotional ties to the thing whatsoever.

That said, I think a twenty-two-year-older Richard Hatch wouldn't make a very convincing young pilot (that's what Starbuck is, right?). This isn't ageism, folks, it's "believable casting."

Heh. I'll watch. Why not?
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

I hate to say it, but BG (like Buck Rogers and that Flash Gordon movie) was pretty cheesy... most of the stuff from that time was cheesy.... Bionic Man (but not Bionic Woman, which was a more intelligent show), Dukes of Hazzard, The Incredible Hulk... pretty much everything we liked as a kid was cheesy... The Smurfs, Challenge of the Superfriends, Pop Rocks... I would certainly hope that anyone trying to resurrect these old series would do some drastic changes, because they certainly need them.
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

This trend is kind of interesting. It's not only with tv and movies but in comics as well. Right now we have several series from the 80's back. Transformers, GI Joe, Thundercats and new cartoon versions of He Man and Transformers. I think it's mainly people who grew up with these things and loved them are now the people in charge and with the power to bring them back.
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

I would like to see '80s music & fashions make a comeback. I never liked the '70s revival, anyway. As for BG, it *was* cheesy & might be better in a new version, but I just don't know about a female Starbuck... :eek:

Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

What I think is funny is that these thirteen-year-old kids who have never even seen Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Brite or the Transformers or the Care Bears (as, hey, they were off the air before they were born) are walking around with cute little baby T's and logo shorts, acting like they're all "retro" and "80's."

It makes me laaaaaaaugh.

Let me see if I remember: Starlite, Rainbow Brite, a little kiss in the moonlight, sunbeam, sparkle and shine, you'll always be a friend of mine!

And Twink's song, also from "Rainbow Brite": Bink, bonk, a rick rack row, whack back diddle-zack zig zag zo, lickety-split tam pring polly wo, bink bonk, wa-ho (wa-ho!)

(Why do I remember these things and can't remember what I ate for breakfast?)
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

Why do I remember these things and can't remember what I ate for breakfast?

Because nothing is as important to us, as the Sprites from Rainbow Brite. Not even breakfast. ;)

Rommie :D
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

Sorry is that ad spark so many emotions. I only could say that I'm a BG fan, so I find it original and clear. Of course we understand that BG have to get some changes because this are modern times. We're not against that in particular, because it definitely will help to make a better BG. Of course I suppose the FX effects doesn't have to be the only part.

As for the changes, is we think that this will be a mini-series to make it later possibly a series. As BG fans we want that the future series have some consistency with the BG world. I think is a new Babylon 5 comes you wouldn't like your characters get ridiculed by a new version of the same character. They not only using the original characters but changing them. Some to the extension of making them females. That is why the fans are against the new mini-series. Also they have change the Cylons, is obvious they have to change in this modern times but we're against changing their characters story.

Also, the script that goes public shows a totally lack of respect to what the BG name is. So why we as fans have to accept it? We always have mention that they should do a mini-series with a new name and maybe we see it. But why trash the BG name with something that is obviously not BG. I'm sure you will feel the same is someone do that to JMS work and to Babylon 5. :(

As for the original cast issue, we have stay that we love to see them in the new proyect as their characters. Of course they don't have the age to be the young Apollo or the young Starbuck, Boomer etc. But is you're making a BG new proyect they totally fit as the mature generation of the story and bring the character like Kara as the new generation of BG. Making a mix of old and new characters. Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer the trainers of the young generation. That way you have new and old fans happy and your production gets more opportunity to be an sucess.

I personally have seen other series get the respect to their old fans. In Star Trek they from time to time continue to present the old characters, they don't change them. You could see from time to time Kirk coming or Picard.(That was before X Men) ;) I'm sure in the Babylon fandom happens the same way. The question is, why BG fans can't get the same?

As for the fans being lied, I will not put it that way, I simply say that the ones that have been fighting for years to have BG return were the fans that now are leave out because they hear them but only to make something totally different of what they were asking for years. :(

So, don't put the fans down simply because we like the best of both worlds(modern and BG story as its best).

And sorry is I offend you with the ad , I respect your opinion so I hope you could respect mine and the BG original fans also. Peace! :)
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

Star Trek the next Generation was not a remake but sequel to the original series your analogy does not apply since it is a total re-write of the BG universe. I am not bothered that none of the original cast is in it, I am actuly glad they do not have that turd around their necks. Anoyone who has seen the ruff drafts for the BG mini-series BG fan or not knows its crap.

The hard core BG fans keep wishing for a conclusion to the original series. The only way I see that happening would be as a computer game. Even then it would be a long shot of it ever happening.

I ignor all adds for the mini-series and when it comes out I will pretend that it never existed.

Maybe something will come of the proposed Wing Commander series.
Re: Galactica: Remake Opposition Ad

That is well stated. I am also a fan of the show and do post at the BG forums. Galactica could have been grand. I always would have liked to see a story written for the BG universe by JMS. He did a wonderful job with B5.

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