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From The Eye To The Hand



I don't know if this topic has ever come up before, but here goes...

I've been looking for background info on this new enemy that took the Shadows milk money. Years ago during B5's first run on PTEN the Great Maker hinted at a sequel to the Outer Limits episode Demon With A Glass Hand. I remember the report stating that this sequel would merge DWAGH with the B5 saga. Well those plans evidently never came to be...until now.

My speculation is that the Hand enemy is somehow connected to the story of Trent and his glass hand. This character was on the run from the dreaded Kyben.

BINGO! Could this new enemy dubbed the Hand be the Kyben. If so then they were a First One that missed the boat to go beyond the Rim. Why? They cared little for the Shadow-Vorlon War. All the Kyben want is that damned glass hand! So they were probably banished from any further participation in the 'reindeer games'.

Now that the Vorlon and Shadows are gone nothing stands in the way of finding the glass hand among the younger races! Except for the I.S.A. Rangers and maybe later the Techno-Mages.

In conclusion maybe JMS and Harlan Ellison (writer of DWAGH episode for Outer Limits) finally are going to give us further insight on the tragedy of Trent and that DAMNED glass hand.

With the Shadows gone and the Eye blind it would be wise to remember a city of darkness where the Hand can still grasp for precious power. Hey JMS may also be hinting at the Hand=Kyben being like Gollum wanting his Precious! Another Lord-Rings inspired twist?

We return you now to your regularly scheduled program...

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Diresky:
Years ago during B5's first run on PTEN the Great Maker hinted at a sequel to the Outer Limits episode Demon With A Glass Hand.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Something that Harlan has repeatedly stated was a false rumour spread by jms as a prank.

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I also think you are reading too much into things.

Don't assume that the Hand and the Shadows have ever had contact. Just because it was in an ad does not mean it has any affect on reality. Go back and read some of the quick blurbs networks showing B5 or Crusade did advertising the next episode. If they are to believed apparently the crew of the Excalibur were renegade Rangers or something.

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I think you may be taking name-relations a bit too far!

If Rangers was indeed an official sequel to Ellison's Demon With A Glass Hand, the powers that be would have said so. Plus, Harlan Ellison, if I remember correctly, is not involved (yet) with any consultancy on the story or set of Rangers - it's only one movie. At most, Rangers could refer back or allude to Demon With A Glass Hand, nothing more.

The Hand can mean a lot of things - the only thing I actually do love about the name is its nebulousness. When we're given an alien name (such as the Kyben, the Klingons, or the Minbari) there's nothing behind it.

However, name something the Hand and you already have symbolic connotations prancing around in the brain.

Fun stuff!

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Having watched the telemovie, I can say that the relevance of "The Hand" is not the above, sorry. At least not in the context given by Kafta.

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I was kinda working on the theory that the hand were a group that formerly operated as part of a greater organisatoin, but survived its downfall or somesuch.

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