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From Rangers to Jeremiah


Hmm... I note that jms took Production Designer Steve Geaghan and Director of Photograph Henry Chan with him from Rangers to Jeremiah...

I wouldn't be surprised if some of our fresh baked Rangers show up in an occasional guest spot...

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Well, both projects are shooting in Vancouver, and JMS has mentioned using some of the same crew on both and maybe rotating them between the two. This would probably make it easier to have both in production at the same time, which he is going to have to do if a Rangers series is going to get on the air before next fall.



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He mentioned he would do that in an earlier message to USENET.

I'm no manager - I'm just a temporary receptionist by trade - but during the school year I intern at design firms and PR places, and there’s something to be said for keeping your best creative people around you no matter what project you do. Something to be said, indeed. Especially if you’re doing more than one project. Less to coordinate, less to do.

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