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For Sale: Babylon 5 script books - see post


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Hi all!

I'm looking to sell my Babylon 5 script books.

Would prefer to sell as a complete set (29 books in total). Due to the weight the items would be better as a local pickup (B77 area, Staffordshire, UK) but could post via courier but due to the weight it could be quite costly.

I have the following books:

Script books volume 1 - 15

Addition script volume 2.5

Movies script book

Artifacts from beyond the rim

Other voices volume 1 - 3

Across time and space: the chronologies of Babylon 5

But in purple I'm Stunning! Quotations from Babylon 5

Asked & Answered volume 1 - 5

Pleasure Thresholds by Pat Tallman.

The following volumes remain in their shrink wrap:

Original script books volume 2.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12

Artifacts from beyond the rim

Asked and Answered volumes 2 - 5

Other voices 2 & 3

Pleasure Thresholds.

Sensible offers only please.


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