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Firelfy DVD

They are indeed being released on Dec 9, in region 1 at least.

The three episodes you mention have been aired, but haven't been shown on Fox who comissioned the show. The three, including proper order, have been shown on the UK Sci FI Channel, or will be soon.
I'm pretty darned excited :D Those 3 ("Trash", "The Message" and "Heart of Gold") weren't aired by FOX but they have aired in the UK and will air on the Canadian SPACE channel which starts showing Firefly in September.

I'm actually holding out for a Region 2 or 4 release -- I find FOX PAL DVD releases have much better picture quality than their NTSC ones. You can actually see the interlacing lines on the NTSC releases. Oddly enough I haven't noticed this on Warner Bros. NTSC releases.
Man, he wasn't kidding when he said he had a squishy, inconvenient sort of love for Firefly. It's one of those shows that you either really love or really hate.

The only question this raised for me is: how do you spell the past tense of "cancel" -- "cancelled" or "canceled"? Cuz I've seen both.
Ahh. I thought it was cancelled for British English, and canceled for US.

Canceled certainly isn't allowed my way. :D
My handy AP stylebook, which is never that far from my right hand, says the following:

"cancel, canceled, canceling, cancellation."

One L, folks, 'cept when you have a cancellation. :)
My handy AP stylebook, which is never that far from my right hand, says the following:

"cancel, canceled, canceling, cancellation."

One L, folks, 'cept when you have a cancellation. :)

Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, tenth edition, says you can use one "l" or two. :)
It looks like the DVDs are on their way! Pre-orders are now being taken at Amazon.com and is scheduled to be released on Dec.9.2003. ;)

Here is some information that I dug up on what we might be able to expect from this DVD release...

From SciFi Wire:

Meanwhile, Fillion—who played Capt. Mal Reynolds—said that he is completing audio commentaries for a complete DVD set of the Fox series' 15 produced episodes, including three that never aired. "I just finished commentary with Alan Tudyk [Wash] on 'War Stories,' an episode where he and I got tortured. ... And then, Monday, I go in to do audio commentary with Joss Whedon for 'Serenity,' the two-hour pilot."

The DVD will also include on-camera interviews and maybe even some of Fillion's own behind-the-scenes home video and photos. As for the unaired episodes, Fillion said, "My naked ass is in them. In the very last episode. I'll let you know that much. They called me Capt. Tight Pants for some time. And now it's going to be Capt. No Pants for sure."

From the Rumor Mill section of The DigitalBits site:

And in a bit of Fox DVD info, Ain't it Cool News is reporting a few possible details on the studio's planned Firefly box set. All the episodes (including a few that were never aired) will reportedly be released on disc later this year, in anamorphic widescreen video, with other extras TBA. Here at The Bits, we've heard that this will include audio commentary with series creator Joss Whedon and various cast members for each episode.

Plus the information from Ain't It Cool News:

It sports the entire season, including the unaired eps, in 16:9 glory and, most likely, in the "correct" order. With lots of goodies.[/url]
The 3 unaired episodes were broadcast in SA recently: The Message, Heart of Gold and Trash.
Except for Heart of Gold, the most "western" of all the shows, the're all up to the usual standard. Trash is the one that begins and ends with Fillion butt-naked in the desert. Its a follow up to Our Mrs Reynolds and Ariel. The Message shows flashbacks of Mal and Zoe in the war and is a very touching episode.
I would have thought that Heart of Gold would be the last one considering what happens at the end...

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