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So, as well as my B5 S4 DVD, I got the Firefly DVD too, and I just watched them all, over 3 or 4 days. I have to say, I forgot how much I liked this show, there literally wasn't a single moment, in a single episode where I was bored, or irritated, or even thought "I'd have done that differently".

I have to say, that that isn't the case with any other show I like/liked...24, Angel, Odyssey 5...even the Great B5.

I am so looking forward to the film, and so hoping it does well enough to launch a "spin off" tv show.

I don't believe this has been posted anywhere here, so I'll do the honors: rumor has it that David Boreanaz -- a.k.a. Angel -- is in talks to be part of the Firefly movie cast. I hope they can bring him in; he'd be awesome.

And yes, Firefly is about as good as I've seen. If the storylines pan out, it could easily be better than B5, although perhaps not as epic.
That would be good, he's a decent actor. Plus it would be returning the favour, since Gina was in Angel, and Nathan F in Buffy...


My question is, would Joss Whedon have him as a hero or a villain? He's so good as the bad guy... although perhaps a gray character would be best.
Yeah...good as he is, I think it would be a mistake to make him, for example, the central bad-guy. It might be too hard to make him look "not Angel", if you know what I mean.

Maybe have him as a sort of fixer type, like Badger / Miska...only please don't let him try and sound Oirish again, Oi may spew into me Lucky Charms! ;)
Nathan Fillion will be at the Buffy convention I'm attending next weekend. Maybe I should ask him if I get chance? ;)
I'll certainly do the latter, but a friend on a Firefly board tells me that it's pretty certain the David B rumour is incorrect. Sorry :(
Is that official, or simply a counter-rumor? My source claims he has it from one of the Firefly cast who's been resigned. As with everything unofficial, that's uncertain... but we shall see.
The more I think on't, the more I seem to recall Joss Whedon saying he'd like to do it, but it wassn't signed yet. Can't think where I read it though, most likely SFX or Sci-fi Wire.
Probably just counter-rumour, but from a source who claims to have got it from Fox. Who knows? I'll ask Nathan :)
I've found an interesting rumor Firefly and other possible Whedon projects over at aint-it-cool-news.com:

Only the Mighty Hercules could get this excited about Nick Brendon mumbling the word “brothers” under his breath.
If anyone at this Cleveland con was standing closer to the public address speakers, kindly write in and explain what young Nicholas was on about

I went to the Cleveland Slayer Convention this weekend and thought you might want to hear some news.

Nick Brendon did a Q/A and let slip that Joss is working on another show. When asked what it was called he mumbled something like "Brothers" but then said he didn't know.

He also said that a Buffy movie is going to happen it's just a question of when.

I also found it strange that he mentioned a Buffy cartoon that has Allison, Anthony and him doing voices that might be picked up soon. I thought the Buffy cartoon was dead...?

Mercedes McNab said that Angel is dead as an ongoing series but she did hear about the TV movies. She even started to cry when talking about the shows end.

Anthony Head talked about Whedon and him doing a spin off called Ripper. He said that he and Joss talk about it every time they see each other. It is supposed to start off as a 2 hour TV movie.

Morena Baccarin said that the Firefly movie would start filming in June and that you would get more back story on Inara and Book. She also said that as far as she knows everyone is back for the movie

I thought the Giles spin-off was long dead, but if it goes through it could be stellar. Something about characters with a dark side hidden beneath layers of tweed somehow is very appealing to me.

Good news on the entire Firefly cast signing on for the movie, I thought I read somewhere else that preacher Book hadn't.
Gina Torres also confirmed that the entire cast was returning in a recent interview. Although there is no official word as to whether Ron Glass will be returning. They held off on announcing Alan Tudyk's involvement until one of his prior contracts expired, its likely that this is what the hold up with the Sheperd is. Joss had also said after the series ended that he would not do a movie without the entire cast.
As long as Joss doesn't overload himself and cause the quality of significant portions of his various projects to become lower than what he's so totally capable of, I'll be happy.
Two very categoric statements made by Nathan Fillion this weekend:

The WHOLE cast - emphasis very much on the word WHOLE - have now signed up for the movie

David Boreanaz will NOT be appearing in the new movie
Oops! Forgot an interesting 3rd comment:

If the movie is a success, there's a possibility for a trilogy :D
Two very categoric statements made by Nathan Fillion this weekend:

The WHOLE cast - emphasis very much on the word WHOLE - have now signed up for the movie

David Boreanaz will NOT be appearing in the new movie

When was it ever mentioned that David Boreanaz might be in the Firefly movie? ...or was Nathan making a joke?
I think the David Boreanaz thing was just a rumor sparked by the ending of Angel. With Joss having imported several of the Firefly actors to do a reoccuring role for the final season of Buffy and the last two seasons of Angel, some people must have thought he might try to take David and put him in some kind of similar role for Firefly.
I'm also pretty sure Joss mentioned in an interview somewhere that he'd like to give David a role...in journalism/rumour land, that means the deal must be signed, obviously. :)

I just watched the first two commentary episodes (Serenity and the Train Job) yesterday...man I love this show. :)

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