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Firefly: DVD order of episodes question


Beyond the rim
The 19th of march is coming up, which means the release of Firefly on DVD in the UK. I can't wait to order this one, but over at play.com I saw they listed the episode order in the incorrect broadcast order.

So a question for those of you lucky bastards in region 1 that already own Firefly: Is the order on DVD the same mess as it was on TV, or is it correct?
I don't have the DVD set, but I heard that the DVD order is correct. Either way, it's a DVD; you can watch it in any fashion you wish to. ;)
I know, but still it's nice to have them listed as such and even nicer not having to switch dvd's just to watch them in order.
The dvd order is the correct order as far as Joss Whedon is concerned, it is different from the broadcast order. One of the aired episodes has a scene deleted from it so as not to conflict with one of the unaired episodes. the dvd order is alot better.

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