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Feature Film without the original cast??


Can someone confirm this for me? I can swear that I heard Bruce Boxleitner say that WB didn't want the original cast in a feature film! He said this on the Season Two DVD with his audio commentary (along with JD & CC) on a particular episode. He said it so off-handedly that I may have misunderstood what he said. Did anyone else hear that?

If that is so, I think WB is making a mistake. I was hoping for a feature film ever since I read that JMS was thinking about it. It might even bring B5 newfound popularity (much like Star Trek did with their films). But I wouldn't want a movie with anyone other than the original cast. That would suck! Has anyone heard or read anything about a possible big-budget feature film lately?
In my opinion he sayed that he, cc and jd would at least agree to feature film IF there would be something going on... But... Read this firstly:

"In addition, I think we need to have the B5 cast available for a feature film that is getting more and more probable by the day. That, to be honest, is where they're finally going to make the kind of money they've all earned by staying with this show for this long."
-- JMS, 28.5.1998

"... maybe there shouldn't be a B5 movie until after the last of the three new SW films is out and done. Ain't no way any other SF film project can compete with that."
-- JMS, 21.11.1998
Okay, I just got the chance to hear this again (they were talking over each other, so it was hard to understand). Here is what they said (more or less):

CC: They should at least make a reunion movie with the original cast.

JD: I want a feature film with the original cast.

BB: They tried to resurrect it (B5) twice and it didn't fly. (Meaning Crusade and LOTR.)

CC: Yeah, but those didn't have the original cast.

Then BB mentioned the TNT movies.

All of that jumbled together in my mind and made me think I heard something else. Sorry for sounding the alarm bells.

I hope that the success of the DVDs will convince WB to make a feature film with the original cast. They could come up with a reason for all of them to reunite on the station temporarily (set a few years after season 5; maybe the return of the Shadows??) so that the last episode (20 years in their future) won't be compromised.
While I would love to see a B5 feature film, it would IMO have to take place after the events of year 5 (except for SiL) because these actors are getting older (as everyone else). I don't think the PTB at WB would feel the aging crew would attract the young crowd that movies are aimed at. The original crew could be there okay, but the main story would have to revolve aroung a couple of Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet types to draw in the audience for a megahit.
There has been so much time from the show ended. All the actors have gone their separate ways.

But what I'd really love to see is a feature full length B5, but for the production to be like Final Fantasy. There would be no need to bring the whole cast together all at once. The voices of the oiginal cast are all so destinctive, and thru computer animation the characters could live on .....regardless of the actors age, or their other commitments :cool:. hehehe
That's an interesting idea, FlarnChef. Back when B5 was first airing in the US, my roommate wanted to see an all animated version of the war 1 million years ago without dialog. Vorlons, Shadows, and First Ones, OH MY!

That's an interesting idea, FlarnChef. Back when B5 was first airing in the US, my roommate wanted to see an all animated version of the war 1 million years ago without dialog. Vorlons, Shadows, and First Ones, OH MY!


Curious idea, but I think I would have liked subtitles!

I love Final Fantasy, and think a B5 vehicle as such would be an outstanding idea! IMHO
I don't think there would be any point in having a feature film made without some of the original cast. Doubtless, there would have to be a certain degree of clout amongst the guest stars as well. And having Walter Koenig would seem to be essential...

I just hope that they don't change everything about the look of the show for a theatrical movie like they ended up doing with ST. Leave the lights on, use the same sets and visual FX, and don't blow up the ship! I mean station. Well, they can't really do that, can they?
Aren't all of the sets and CGI and stuff lost from B5? I seem to remember that being mentioned when Rangers came out.

In any event, a movie about the telepath war would have to have Bester and Lyta in it. And Lennier, if the rumors are true.

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