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Favorite Rangers Quote (spoilers)


Beyond the rim
Warning, possible spoilers ahead!

What is your favorite Legend of the Rangers quote?

"My name is Scorpius."
I don't really remember much in the line of quotes but the part with G'kar and the grey council was pretty good.

I thought Martel had the best lines. Very witty. Can't recall anything specific right now...but I especially liked his exchanges with Sarah.

Some of my favorite lines:

David: " We live for the one, we die for the one, but we don't die stupidly."
Weapons officer: " Today is a good day to die."

David: " Oh for you every day is a good day to die.."

David hits his head.

Dulann: " Wonder how that happened? "

David: " Come up here and I'll show you. "

G'Kar: " Love to stay, have to go. kiss kiss bye bye."

Drazi Ambassdor to Tirk: " Sometimes I think being around humans has driven him insane...you should be careful.."


G'Kar: " No one there is exactly what they appear...but then again...who is."


And theres more..but I'll leave some for other people..


I don't really have a favorite quote -- but my favorite part was when G'Kar peeked under the robe of the Council Member.

"Get out of my way, or by God I'll shove you out the airlock!"
I liked Kitaro's line when he parked the ship, It made me laugh every time I watched it. I also like the conversation between Tirk and the Drazi diplomat. I really like it when they started pushin each other.

A proud member of the Wind Swords.
"War is life and death is the only true peace."
Sarah: It's gonna miss us.... it's gonna miss us... I'm resonably sure it's gonna miss us.........

sounds like something i would say

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"Yeah, well lately I've been having disciplinary problems" - David

and the kiss kiss bye bye was great!

Sorry - life got fun and interfered with my plans to be diligent.
It looks like Capt and I agree about Tirk. I think he should have been given more scenes. He was a real unique person on the movie.

Have a nice day!!!
"Isn't the universe a wonderfull place? I wouldn't live anywhere else."
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Scorpius:
This is my favorite!

G'Kar: " Love to stay, have to go. kiss kiss bye bye."


Hah. When I heard this line I laughed out loud. On occasion I end emails to a friend of mine almost like this. I guess I do it to sound like a 'pretensious city thing' but it is done intentionally to be sarcastic. My variation was just a bit different, but it was so funny to see G'Kar say it.

kiss-kiss hug-hug lets-do-lunch k-thx-bye

'I don't believe in the no-win scenario' - JTK
I like the part where Tirk explains to the Drazi ambassador what his name means and then how they start pushing eachother.
I also loved that part where G'kar looked under the robe of one of the members of the gray council.
That's never been shown before but I can only imagine that it was a GREAT insult.

Ah, good old Psi-Corps. Ya know you guys never cease to amaze me. Just what do you do in your spare time anyway? Juggle babies over a fire pit? Woops... there goes another calculated risk!!!

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"There could be trouble."
"Where you are involved, should I expect anything less?" ~ David and Dulann

Also, David's comment about the Valen
(putting an engine on a brick) was funny (IMHO). Hey, it did look a tad on the bulky side.

G'Kar's quotes were keepers as well.


"There could be trouble."
"Should I expect anything less?" ~David and Dulann
"Goodbye, old friend. If I do not see you again, then I will meet you in a place where no shadows fall."
We are Rangers.
We walk in the dark places no others will enter.
We stand on the bridge where no one may pass .
We live for the one .
We die for the one.

That's my favorite quote.


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The Tirk one was definitely ... er... unexpected and made me laugh so hard. But for the G'Kar one, I really think it's said something more like "kiss kiss love love".

But my best quote is definitely the last words by G'Kar, asking the new, young crew if they come aboard B5. They answer something like "not yet, but maybe in a near futur", and then G'Kar to tell them the "#1 ULTIMATE LAW" in the B5 universe : "No one is exaclty what he appear".

I'm I alone to think that this whole exchange is way more "behind the camera" than in front ? As JMS love to do sometimes ?

- Garibaldi's Hairs

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- Londo
"Love to stay, can't, have to go. Kiss kiss, love love, bye."
I loved G'Kar's "kiss, kiss" line--it had me cracking up. Also the "Good day to die" thing with David & Sarah.



"We're in here! Can anyone hear us?"
"I hear you." [giggle, laugh]
"In here!"
"We are here." [giggle, laugh]
-- Londo and G'Kar in Babylon 5:"Convictions"

Tammy's Station
I loved everything that G'Kar said. Tirk's explanation of his name was funny, too.


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