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Farscape: Peacekeepers Wars Trailer!

Well...I'm glad to hear that Crichton was whisked away while "doing astronaut things". :LOL:

Looks like fun.
Yea, that was a pretty funny summary of the series. :LOL:

Thanks so much for the links, Sigma. It looks pretty good. :cool:
I'm finally caught up, having watched the last DVD the other night!


So, what, Crichton and Aeryn are now litte dust/crystal thingies? What the hell was that- they're on a little boat and then some local nobody mystery weird dude just blows 'em away? What a stupid, fake cliffhanger. I guess in the miniseries they'll flashback to it to show us how they're un-crystalised or something.
Yes, producers have said they weren't killed just crystalized. Remember, this wasn't supposed to be the end of the show, they expected at least one more year. So either way, that was intended as a season cliffhanger.

The mini-series will reportedly pick up where season four left us.

Slight spoilers for the miniseries based off a picture I've seen released somewhere on the net.


Additionally, we'll be getting more of those weird purple split head aliens like the one that neutralized John and Aeryn in "Bad Timing" in the miniseries. :D

slight spoilers.

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