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Famous B5 Future Flashes!?


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Anyone who has watched B5 will remember from the very first season throughout, the harbinger visions of Londo Mollari.

Pretty much the entire arc for his character was given away, but of course none of us really knew anything, and spent five years trying to figure out the crazed and wondrous maze that is JMS's mind... *cue Twilight Zone music*

Does anyone think we'll be graced by such visions in Rangers WHEN it becomes a series. I'm refusing to play it safe - IT WILL become a series. If a bunch of actors see immense potential... then I trust them, they know the business!

More importantly, do you think we will get to see a future flash that involves the mysterious David, Delenn and Sheridans only child (that we know of)?

He is so often mentioned and never seen.

Maybe we'll even get to see him as a child in the series' run, guest starring with the ultimately fantastic and totally awesome, stupendously beautiful Mira Furlan!!?

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Londo said we Centauri always know about our death. That seems to mean that many or all Centauri have visions about the future. It never happened to any of the other races except when Kosh put the ideas in their minds, e.g., Sheridan, G'Kar, Lyta.

So in answer to your question I would not expect to see flashes of the future in the minds of any of the crew of Liandra because none of them are, or are likely to be Centauri, and Kosh is long gone.

Also I don't think JMS would use the same plot device twice, not if he could help it.

Bugger! You're right.

I'd forgotten about the Centauri Death Visions...

Just wishful thinking.

But, I don't think the dream flash or future flash is a tired plot device if used sparingly and to advance the story.

I'll slightly reword my question...

What chances are there we will get to see the Sheridan/Delenn child in the new series?

Would anyone be interested?

Thanks Jomar, for the reminder!

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I doubt we'll see David in the new series. That could get confusing with the main character of B5LR also being named David. Granted, two people having the same name happens all the time in real-life situations, but rarely, if ever, in TV or movies.

For the same reason, I doubt we'll ever see a Rangers/Crusade crossover episode, because if I remember correctly, there are Rangers characters with the names Sara Cantrell and Na'Feel.

Can you imagine a Rangers/Crusade crossover that also involved David Sheridan somehow. It might go something like this...

"David Martel meet David Sheridan."

"Sara Cantrell meet Dr. Sarah Chambers."

"Na'Feel meet Dureena Nafeel."

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I would be surprised if there was no hidden twist in the plotline. JMS loves to give us something to think about, for him not to do it would be a greater surprise. I don't think we will see it big in the movie. As a movie, it must stand alone. I will be looking nonetheless.


The captain of the Liandra is John and Delenn's son. At some point in the future, David Sheridan, as an adult, goes back in time for some reason and forgets who he is, only that his name is "David." Then he joins the Rangers. He'll discover who he really is at some point in the Rangers series.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ninja_Squirrel:

Can you imagine a Rangers/Crusade crossover that also involved David Sheridan somehow. It might go something like this...

"David Martel meet David Sheridan."

"Sara Cantrell meet Dr. Sarah Chambers."

"Na'Feel meet Dureena Nafeel."


Heck, they could actually have a field day with that if they wanted to! I still love the "3rd Rock from the Sun" episode where Shatner and Lithgow joke about their shared "Twighlight Zone" episode.

But I was assuming tht any "cross-over" would probably be more likely to involve individual characters rather than a "cast meets cast" kind of thing.

(By the way, I think I've heard the "Enterprise" crew is going to meet another group from another series of tht station's. Probably a mutual ratings gain is what they are hoping for. I hope it doesn't come off as just being cheezy.)

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If we'll somehow see a glimpse of David Sheridan in "Rangers", it will only be a glimpse.

It isn't likely to provide much info about who he became or what he did... because he should be quite young at that time.

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I would really like it if JMS broke away from the literary devices he used in B5 - there's so much out there he could do with Rangers. Not all of it has to be foreshadowing (even though that makes us shiver in anticipation!)

I think, though, that what will happen is that we will sit down in January, and promptly have the chair knocked out from under us.

...right, cast?

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In the Dreamwatch article Doug Netter says the Rangers crew is much younger than the Babylon 5 crew. However, I doubt if that would include a 3-year old

I'm sure JMS will have some sort of background story, keeping the Alliance afloat during the early years, etc. I also think the first year would keep pretty close to the regular cast until the story is fleshed out and we get used to them. Somewhere down the road we could meet up with some of the old cast from B5 if the story takes us there. Always supposing there is a series

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That also means no Gratuitious guest stars just because "it would be neat".

If any kids ever show up in a JMS story it will be because they have something important to Contribute to the story.

So, I doubt there will be any "Hey, Look, it's Sheridan's kid" episodes.

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Some information about David Sheridan pops up in the B5 series and the Del Ray Centauri novels. The novel is based on a JMS outline.

<table bgcolor=black><tr><td bgcolor=black><font size=1 color=white>Spoiler:</font></td></tr><tr><td><font size=2 color=black> There is not much wiggle room in the book for high adventures for David in his youth. I think any stories of David will have to wait for a future B5 series. After the events of the Centauri Novels.

Additionally, future glimpses we have seen of Mama Sheridan do not speak of great actions by David, only of the actions of Sheridan. It is unliekly that JMS has great things planned for the son of Sheridan. </font></td></tr></table>

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I agree... NO kids in B5 unless they serve a purpose! I would NEVER want any guest star just because its cool, or to see David Sheridan just because he is David Sheridan!

I was hoping somehow to learn something of this character, because he has engaged my interest ever since the first mention of his existence!

Personally, I REALLY like GKarsEye's suggestion!

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>"No cute kids or robots. Ever!"

That also means no Gratuitious guest stars just because "it would be neat".<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I agree that we shouldn't see David Sheridan just because it would be neat, but if people are going to keep quoting that "No cute kids..." line, it would be nice if they would put it in context.

JMS said there would never be any cute kids or robots as part of the regular cast. (He was thinking of ST:TNG, Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica in particular.) He never said anything about no kids ever appearing in any episodes. (Although "cute" was probably always out of the question for both kids and robots, simply because JMS has an aversion to cute.



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I agree with the sentiments on not seeing David Sheridan in the Ranger series if there is one. David would be a child then, and children can sometimes take away from the storyline. I don't think we should see David unless it is an important or relevant circumstance that would bring him onto the scene. Cute kids aren't the focus of the show, and should only be given story time if it is necessary.

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Maybe he'll start off on his own adventures at age 6 (or whatever), like Anakin Solo in the Star Wars books.

......or not.

Anyway, it would be cool to see a TV movie set in the future (between Crusade and Sleeping in Light) where there is a story involving David, or even concerning what happened with the Keeper.

In "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars", one of the reporters in the future makes a comment like "...after what happened with Sheridan's son..." or something to that effect. Was that referring to the Keeper incident? Do we know what happened with the Keeper?

BTW, what would he look like, a Minbari male with hair?


I like Natron's suggestion.

The idea of seeing a special event movie during 'Rangers' run would be great! Especially one that focused on David.

He becomes a Ranger, at one time or another both of his parents are 'The One' and run the Rangers. Relevance is established. If not somewhat loosley... but hey, gotta give a girl a break!

About Davids appearance, I would really like to see him as a Minbari with hair, favouring Delenns crest, rather than the pointy, more agressive crest as seen on Neroon and others!

If David just looked human it would be disappointing, especially when we take into account Delenn's reason for undergoing the transformation - to create a link between Minbari and Terrans.

If David looked both, it would continue that reminder for all, that though we look different on the outside, we are all the same. As Delenn says "We are starstuff!"

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I really don't think that we'll get to see David Sheridan, unless it happens in an episode starring John & Delenn and Delenn holding little David on her knee or something.

First: he is too young.

Second: we know enough of his early life from the Centauri Prime trilogy, considered at least mostly canon,

<table bgcolor=black><tr><td bgcolor=black><font size=1 color=white>Spoiler:</font></td></tr><tr><td><font size=2 color=black>that it should be fairly safe to guess that he doesn't have any earth-shattering adventures in his childhood.

The *event* mentioned in DoFS does, as far as I understood, really concern the Keeper - and that's resolved in the CP trilogy as well.</font></td></tr></table>

In my personal opinion, I don't really see what purpose it would serve for the possible series to include David Sheridan.

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