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Everyone's a Critic!

Everyone\'s a Critic!

Saw this Usenet post today:

Well, Straczynski is *vastly* over-rated. Can't stand his stuff. Don't know why anyone reads it. Total crap.

REPLY: This is the extent of your criticism? Do you have anything more intelligent to back up your opinion? Any examples?

Oh, lord, where does one *begin*? Hell, the first season of B5 was full of ponderous foundation-laying that just went on and on and on until you wanted to stick a fork in your own eye just to stop it...a thousand years ago this, a thousand years ago that, blah blah blah end of the known universe and do you fasten or zip?

And as for Spidey...I recently counted and he used the word "the" 427 times in a single issue. 427?! What, he couldn't find any GOOD words to take up that space? Is he being paid by the word or the thought?

Who is this blowhard anyway? :p
Re: Everyone\'s a Critic!

Some people just live on negativity.

Oh, and what was that that Lady Morella said about people and their reaction to greatness?
Re: Everyone\'s a Critic!

Umm, Vacant, I hope I'm not stating the obvious but the post was a joke by JMS. That's why b5-o put a smile after the post.
Re: Everyone\'s a Critic!

Well, it's obvious that it wasn't obvious to me.

At least I still know I'm human being that I still have emotions in that I now feel like an idiot. :(
Re: Everyone\'s a Critic!

The "427 uses of the word 'the'" made me curious, but it was the "fasten/zip" that should have tipped me off. And guess what? It didn't.

Courage, vacant, you're not alone.
Re: Everyone\'s a Critic!

JMS looks like he's having a good old loopy time in recent posts:

Oh, obviously you've never even seen the show! That first-season dialog was Shakespeare compared to the damn singing telepaths in season 5! Shakespeare!!!

Also over-rated. "To be or...not to be?" This is writing? I think he just wrote himself into a corner. "To be or..." and he didn't have anything good to put in there, having used it all up on "what light through yonder window breaks" or somesuch, so all he could do was throw up his hands and say, "or NOT to be."



If B5 were any damn good, it would have lasted longer than five seasons!



The main problem I have with his work is that he can't do sarcasm very well.

Oh, sure, big talk, you with your fancy ways and your big city talk.

Ha! I say, and Ha! again.



Of course this doesn't even begin to measure up to the sadistic details of his personal life, the horrid experiments he conducts to crossbreed bats with monkeys.

And ever since busting out of the cage you've never *once* called to say