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Enterprise retrofitting [SPOILERS]


As the mighty Star Trek franchise seems to be stumbling on its last legs, the prducers of the show have decided to finally acknowledge what the fans have been telling them.

First of all, the intrepid crew is having its mission altered. Instead of the time-honoured Trek tradition of exploration, the Enterprise is being put in the position of defending the Earth from aliens - even with the aid of hired guns.

The enemy is supposed to be a race that is to be decimated by the human race four hundred years in the future of the current timeline. They make a preemptive strike that devastates Earth by global proportions.

To remain with the crew, T'Pol (i.e. the Vulcan hottie) quits the High Command - giving the producers an excuse to alter her look. She's going to get a new outfit and haircut.

And best of all... they're changing the opening credits. Although it hasn't been determined if there will be a voiceover or an instrumental, it's supposed to be much shorter. So no more muting that lame Diane Warren song.

I must admit, I haven't been a really big fan of Enterprise, although I liked TNG, DS9 and Voyager. After the pilot, I lost interest rather quickly. I can't say I've watched an entire episode this year. The bland characterisation and retreaded plots have turned me off. But after reading various articles about this new direction is making me willing to give it another shot next year.

Seems like schlock to me. And also the first time EVER a Star Trek series has turned direction so much --- AND it seems to go against everything Trek ever was.

They HAVE been working in this "temporal cold war" theme into the series for some time, and that has always interested me. However from what you described above, seems like quite a drastic change, and something that is hard to write into a Star Trek universe where 200 years later NO word of any such major events has ever been verified.

And that they are changing the characters, even opening credits, is a desperate sign. Actually, Im a die hard and old school Trekkie, but I LIKED the open theme. Kind of took all the original heart of what Star Trek was about, and put it into words and it played well with the opening pictoral sequence. Ironically, it was one of the things I liked better about the series...
ElScorcho... but the theme change is only a rumor so far. And not from a great source.
I'll admit here, I like the theme song...I believe it fits and they should keep it. As for the other stuff..well for me Star Trek was also about the characters, not the technology or the events. Maybe they should get back to basics and try to write interesting, character-driven stories. It's kind of sad to see a Star Trek series floundering so much. But maybe they should have taken a break and waited awhile before doing a new one. The "new" Star Trek has been on the air consistently since '87. Thats a long time.
I second that "meh".

meh? What is meh? :confused: (doing an impersonation of one of the characters from TOS, from the immortal "Spock's Brain," IIRC)

Take a hint Paramount -- art is knowing when to stop.

Knowing when less is more. Agreed.
Why the hell do they have to resort to some absurd story line and new aliens when they could, maybe should, be dealing with how the Federation was formed, the wars with the Klingons and Romulans, etc?

It is very difficult watching this mess of a show while eating up the DS9 and B5 DVDs.