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Enid-Raye Adams to guest star in upcoming SG-1 ep


Beyond the rim
From Gateworld:

Enid-Raye Adams (Firell) to guest star

Actress Enid-Raye Adams will play a role in the first half of the upcoming Season Six two-parter, "Prometheus." The actress revealed on her official Web site that she will play the character Jones in the episode, which is now shooting in Vancouver, B.C.

The 28-year-old actress may be best known to science fiction fans as the Minbari healer Firell on the Babylon 5 TV movie, "The Legend of the Rangers." She has also appeared on such shows as The Outer Limits, The Lone Gunmen, DaVinci's Inquest, in numerous feature films, and in the upcoming Sci-Fi Channel mini-series "Taken."
Don't know the air date yet. Scifi has way of screwing up dates with "marathons" but let you know when I find out.
Checked the SG-1 schedule and Pt-1 is scheduled to air Aug 16 and Pt-2 on Aug 23. However, I know this is incorrect since since Scifi has bumped the episode due to air on July 5 to July 12 in favor of showing a Twilight Zone Chain Reaction over the July 4th holiday period. Thus, I assume (bad thing to do) the SG-1 episodes with Enid-Raye Adams in it will air on Aug 23 and Aug 30.