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eBay auctions to look for


Just forwarding some info from The Zocalo:

THE ZOCALO TODAY – March 18, 2003

This is an E-Bay Alert

Just got a note from PSIFIMOGUL. They are putting up a number of items at E-bay for auction and I think a lot of you will be interested.

Starting next week, March 23, the script for THIRDSPACE will be available with the CRUSADE scripts and series bible.

Over the next few weeks, PSIFIMOGUL will be placing other B5 movies on the auction block, namely RIVER OF SOULS, IN THE BEGINNING and A

Also ahead, there are 2 crew jackets and more videos.

To find out what is currently available for bidding, go to www.ebay.com and search on seller PSIFIMOGUL. This should bring up a list of current items.

Visit E-bay often, since items will be changing as time passes.

That's it for now.
I'm having a wonderful time in Vienna.
Take care.

Sandra Bruckner
ISN News: The Zocalo Today

Here is the link to their auction listings in the meantime.
I'll have to look at those. I've spent the last two days on there putting some of my comics for sale. Im gonna sell some Midnight Nation and Rising Stars comics soon as well.
I have no idea who exactly PSIMOGAL is but it is obviously someone involved in the production of B5/Crusade. Either they are selling directly or through a friend/associate.

They have offered many very cool auctions in the past and I wish I had enough money to snatch up these treasures.

BTW, the auctions are now live. :)

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