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Dylan Neal



As a good excuse for a party (one always needs such good excuses) I ran a little demographically diverse Ranger's watching party on Saturday. While I'll leave the broader review to more private venues, I thought I'd pass along one comment and one question that were broadly held.

All of the women (irrelevant of age) thought Dylan was rather attractive. Words like 'hunk' were in play (quit blushing, Dylan). The men (some of whom were partners to the women) stayed, typically, silent on this issue.

One question most folks had was if Dylan had any familial relationship to Rob Lowe? Most of the group (particularly those that knew Lowe's work on West Wing) saw Dylan as having a strong resemblance ("younger, square jawed Rob Lowe" was how it was put).

Any truth to the assertion?



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Another newbie quote, from a friend who had never seen B5 before, at my Saturday-night Rangers-watching shindig (others are scattered all over the board):

"That's the CAPTAIN? He's gorgeous. Didn't he do Dawson's Creek? I've seen him somewhere..." (Channe takes this moment to inform friend he was on The Bold And The Beautiful) "I thought people like that didn't DO science fiction!"

I was very impressed with David Martel. Out of all the Rangers, he was given the most character-building time, and it was time definitely not wasted. When I direct, I make my actors (who are not pros) think up daily, everyday, day-to-day things the character might do; such as, fiddle with a necklace, tap their foot when they're nervous, etc. I was very gratified to see David lean on the desk, slouch a bit in his chair, rub his temples - even lean his forearms on the railing while talking to Sarah. That did more for me than any close-in-on-the-hero-and-shine-the-lights-bright Sorbo-shot could have ever done.

I'd go into the rest of the characters - I don't want to leave them out - but this thread *is* entitled "Dylan Neal," and I have to do work *sometime* tonight...


While I'm on the subject of actors and newbie quotes about them, here's something a friend also remarked of Enid-Raye: "She has such a beautiful voice. I could listen to her talk for -days-."

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So does anyone have an answer to the question that started this thread? Enquiring minds want to know...

I went to the Internet Movie Database and checked it out. Fom what I could tell there isn't a relation between Dylan and Rob Lowe. Dylan was born and raised in Ontario and Rob was born in Virginia and raised in Ohio. Plus, they usually post interesting facts, like if they have famous relatives and nothing like that was on there. Although I do see the resembalence, there is no relation.

I would now like to take this opportunity to rave about Dylan Neal. I have been a fan of his since he was on the Bold and the Beautiful. I watched him on Dawson's Creek and Hyperion Bay and I loved him. His role in one of my most beloved interests (Babylon 5 and the whole B5 universe) was just another reason why I love him. When you see an actor in the type of roles he has done, there is always some skepticism about there ability to pull of the new role. He is my favorite part of the movie. I thought he was SOOOO funny. He had great lines and delivered them so well and with great timing. Not to mention he is a total hottie!!! I hope that they get picked up as a series. I want more chances to see Dylan and the rest of the cast shine.

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