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Dylan Neal on Sabrina


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I wrote this for TrekToday... hence the Trek focus:

Robert Picardo (The Holodoc) will be guesting as the father of the bride on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch this week.

Picardo will be starring as Bob (what he's also called in real life), father of the titular Sabrina. The witch, no longer a teenager, will be getting married to Dylan Neal (Babylon 5's David Martel) in what will be the final episode of the seven-year show.

Also starring in the episode is Patrick Kerr (Bothan, in Voyager's "Persistence of Vision") who will be playing the minister at the wedding.

Sabrina will cast its final spell on the US's WB network on Thursday April 24.
Wait. That cutie Dylan Neal has been guesting somewhere and I didn't know about it?

This must not happen again.

:D :p
That was such a trip!! I loved it! Dylan looked good, too...just sad that he was not given very good material. :( Sabrina, The Teenage Witch has degraded in the last couple of years.

Seven years, though? Wooooow. So MJH has done two series, consecutively for...about eleven years? I don't know how long Clarissa Explains it All ran, but it seemed like about four years. That's a long time to be employed.
I like Dylan Neal. :devil: I especially enjoyed watching him and Kerr Smith smootch a couple of times in the Dawson's Creek series finale. :devil:

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