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Doyle answers 10 questions (and a little B5 talk, too)



I guess this means Jerry would be willing to jump onboard any future Babylon 5/Crusade/Legend of the Rangers projects.
Doyle seems to have always been very supportive of B5. I think it's been mentioned here that he even tried to push for more seasons of B5, not truly understanding that it's a 5 year story.

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Well, the guy had a regular paycheck and great writing for five straight years. How many people can say that in Hollywood? Of course he's going to want "his" show to continue. I mean, artistic vision is one thing, but financial security is quite another.

Remember how many actors are unemployed at any time -- even if they were in a successful project or two. Who would want to give up a sure thing?

Besides, the simple existence of this very site (as well as many others) proves Doyle's point that the B5 concept still had legs.

IIRC, didn't BB also get a little upset after the season 5 shutdown?

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There is a fine line between a steady paycheck and flogging a dead horse. I would love to have seen more of B5 and I'm sure everybody out there would agree that you're running the risk of spoiling a masterpiece. Thats one of the main reasons why I was really annoyed at the decision to discontinue Crusade. It had the same potential of B5and could have run a similar course. Now of course there's LOTR which I haven't had the chance to see yet, but I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival.

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From what I heard, while Jerry Doyle was Willing to keep on being Garibaldi, it was Bruce Boxleitner who campaigned hard with Warner and others for a 6th season of B5.

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arggggggghh me matey

Sorry, I'll go away now.

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I don't know if anyone else saw this or not but JMS also answered those 10 questions and he did an interview over there to. Here's the link for that interview JMS interview


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Damn! I wish I still had the quotation...

I saw an article awhile back that included a comment from a prominent writer-producer to the effect that most TV shows stay on the air one or two years longer than they should. Many feel that X-Files was kept alive past the point where the story had run out of steam, and many other shows just sort of grind on until they lose all of their energy, and eventually their audience, and are forced off the air, a pale shadow of their former selves. By the time the final episode of the original Star Trek aired, it was almost a mercy to know the show was dead. I think that JMS did the right thing on a number of levels.



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True, how true. It's like movie studios who make sequels out of anything remotely successful.

I guess the producers just try to suck out every last penny from their show or movie or franchise. B5 is the only show I like that didn't spill over into mediocrity.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by channe:
That was the feeling I got halfway through Voyager's first-season Kazon storyline...


You too???

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Crusade (reruns) starting 03/26/2002 at 1PM EST on the Sci-Fi Channel

IIRC it was TNT who wanted a sixth season, as well as some of the actors. JMS came up with Crusade as an alternative but he always said B5 was a five-year show.

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