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I'm not sure what to do about the chat room, as it wasn't working right. It's difficult. I want something that's integrated and works right, yet also available via IRC (I was using the web thing in a way that it probably wasn't intended BTW, it's not a fault of the chat room).
Thanks, Kribu. I was going to look that up when I got home. No real point doing it now, when I'm at work.

I'll figure this monster out somehow. :LOL: When I have time. This week has been crazy.

No more bomb scares at least. :rolleyes:
I was thinking about this today too. It is getting a little tiresome bumping up my zoom to read the forums without straining my eyes too much. :p ;)
I have never figured out a way to zoom in on the printing here. How did you do that, Lyta?

Me either. I just tried View/Textsize/Largest in IE 5.5 and it didn't do a thing. :confused:

Also, here's one more for the list (maybe):

The Reminders and Favorites area in My Home doesn't scroll or or indicate if there are more there than you can see in the windows. If you have more than ~11, all the other ones are hidden off the bottom of the list, with no indication that they're there. I was deleting some old ones and then noticed the newer ones claw their way up onto the list from the bottom.
There's now an option of a second style sheet in my home, then display preferences.
Not really sure what you mean by the "printing area" but I use Mozilla which allows you to zoom the text irrgardless of what the CSS class says. :D

Usually with CSS, people define a specific font size to their web pages which cannot be changed via the "Change text size" option in IE.

See why Mozilla rocks? :devil:

Anyway, I will try out the new CSS file but did you bump up the font size in the standard CSS file? The text that appears in people's messages is now bigger.

EDIT: I am now using the larger CSS style here and there is no difference from before. The only text that is larger is the one that displays people's messages. The edit box, forum listing, thread listing, my home, etc. all still have tiny fonts.


Guess I will still have to use the 120% zoom. :(
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