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Contacting JMS

I know you guys have probably heard this a million times, but how does one go about contacting JMS and getting questions answered o his site?

I think the rule is that if you *can* ask it in the moderated forum, ask him there - he gets a *lot* of e-mail, and doesn't want to answer the same question over and over again when he can just do it once in the forum (and get back to writing a bit faster.)

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-Don't- email JMS unless absolutely necessary. He doesn't appriciate getting slammed with fanmail that can be easily answered online in the appropriate forum. The best way to ask him a question is to post a message in the moderated newsgroup and hope he answers.

If you have no clue what I am talking about, try Google's Groups service where you can read and post messages (you just have to register an email with them).

Good luck!

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As others have said, JMS would rather not get email about Babylon 5. Try the forums or the usenet groups that he participates in. JMSNews.com or the Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 would be a good place to start (you could also see if he's already answered the question at either site).

Also, his one big rule is not to send him or post story ideas in a forum that he frequents. He doesn't want to accidently use fans' ideas in his stories as that could lead to legal action.

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Indeed, the moderated newsgroup would be the best place for asking questions. I think the standard procedure is to put ATTN JMS or something like that in the topic title, so it will be easier for him to spot it.

Of course, chances are that he won't have the time to answer the question or it's something that has been discussed before - in that case someone else is sure to answer it. He's a busy man, you know!

The moderated newsgroup is at rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated

Anyway, since the question is answered and this topic really seems to belong to the General forum ("Topics covering the actors, JMS, or any general topics"), I'm closing it here and sending it over there.

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