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Connecting the ISA broadcasts with the movie (SPOILERS)


DISCLAIMER: Please forgive this act of speculation. Before you read further, go watch the ISA interview debriefing videos or read the thread "Martel's ISA Classified Transmission." I can't talk about this without spoiling, so heh.

At first, we thought these were interviews, and then from the ISA, and finally found out through a Martel transmission that what was going on was actually a debriefing.


The debriefer asked him if he regretted recent events. This might have referred to locking Kafta up with about fifty grenades borrowed from the armory...

G'Kar showed him what he knew about the Hand, about where their influence stems from, about Beta Durani. Why, then, does he deem this classified information during his debriefing? If he knows, and Dulann knows, how the former crew of the Liandra died... why doesn't he tell?

He knows. But he isn't telling. Classified information. Hmm.



She says, "Trust no one," even the shipmates. Is this just her personal philosophy, or did she lose some respect for Martel through his tactic to get rid of Kafta.


He's been talking to G'Kar: "The emphasis in our culture seems have been on -dying- for the one. I believe with David's choice to -live- for the one, that emphasis is now shifting."


I'm most interested in Martel's choice to withhold information at his debriefing...

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My dear, have we forgotten Kitaro so quickly?

Which reminds me...I gotta start with that flik, today.

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I meant to mention that Kitaro also pulled a Martel, and refused to say anything. However, Martel was the only one G'Kar told about the Hand - and, as we never actually saw the captain telling his crew about the origin of their enemy, we don't know if he does. He could be either completely honest - or following Martel by not mentioning anything.

Rangers came along at a bad time in the semester. I'm no longer on vacation, and much of my brain is poised on actually graduating from my current place of education; thus, I'm going to forget things.

I didn't see all of the ISA broadcasts, either - I was working mostly off the ones Lyta posted in those transcriptions.

Anybody else have thoughts on the subject?

-Channe (anybody have an extra life? I need one!)

channe@[url="http://cryoterrace.tripod.com"]cryoterrace[/url] | "I wonder," said Frodo, "but I don't know. And that's the way of a real tale."
First off, here is the link to the Martel's ISA Classified Transmissions thread. It is getting hard to find things in this forum these days.

Channe, I like your analysis of the transmissions so far. I just love that they have teased us with these transmissions. It makes me think a series could be on the horizon ... otherwise why show us hints about what the telemovie did not address? *crosses fingers*

Now, going in the order I recorded them in the above thread ...

Martel Transmission #1:

The fact that he doesn't comment on what happened to the previous crew indicates to me that he is keeping the information Dulann told him a secret. Why?

Also, we know the image was indeed the Valen and the Hand ship crashing and exploding.

Na'Feel Transmission #1:

She knows the purpose of their mission was about the "dark city" so Martel is not the only one who is aware of the Valen's mission.

I now know that the image shown was the Hand ship bringing in the life pod containing either the bomb or Kafta (can't remember exactly right now).

It also makes me very curious about why Na'Feel trusts "-no- one". Is it because she is new and feels like she was picked only as a last resort? "I understand no one else would have me." It could be because of Martel's actions with Kafta so I hope we will see the answer in the series.

Martel Transmission #2:

No comments ...

Dulann Transmission #1:

Channe, I am pretty sure that Dulann was there with Martel when the High Council was giving their judgement on Martel when G'Kar stepped in and gave them all an earful. I think what Dulann says tracks pretty well with G'Kars speech.

Also the image in the transmission was Dulann and Martel was not on the Liandra as I originally thought but the Enfalli.

Kitaro Transmission #1:

He has a lot of admiration for his Captain. How did all this come about? Did he serve with him before? I cannot recall seeing him on the Enfalli...

The no comment about the council taking away Martel's command ... well, we can assume this was for our benefit since he does get a new command ... the Liandra.

Martel Tranmission #3:

Again, probably being secretive for our benefit? "...that mission is not quite yet over." I really hope that means we will find out the "end" in a series!

Cantrell Transmission #1:

She sure repeats that "truth" of hers a lot. What is the real reason and what kind of "relationship" do her and Martel have? It may be that she is just an extremely private person and she just finds the question offensive. It could be that she holds the same kind of feelings Ivonava had for Sheridan ... no romance but high regard, respect and close friend.

Na'Feel Transmission #2:

Again the "no one else would have me" quote and this time in response to why she became a ranger and not how she became part of the Liandra crew. Again, her comments make me want to know more about her and what makes her tick.

Martel Transmission #4:

His reluctance to revel any sort of information may be because the council said so. Maybe they don't want word to get out that they know about the city the Hand was so determined to destroy? I sense more to this story then what they have shown us ...

Tirk Transmission #1:

Ah, Tirk! Perhaps my favorite of the bunch.
Again the sense of secrecy and reluctance to reveal information. What does JMS have in store for us?

Whew, that is all for now and I just realized that I never wrote down the Kitaro and G'Kar transmissions from scifi's web site. I will do that now and it will also help bring it to the attention of others.

Thank you Channe for this discussion as it has been something I have been thinking about ever since I saw the telemovie.

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