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Concept Sketches


Four concept sketches are now hangin' about the official site: Tuzanor, Captain's quarters, bridge, and the main bridge console we saw in the trailer.

Ahh, the Captain's Quarters - about the size of my apartment, and with a neater potted plant, too...

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I just check over at the Scifi site and I noticed new images had been added to the Gallery. Could this be taken as a good sign or just normal web maintenance?

After I got my laptop back from being repaired and my internet connection working again, I headed over to scifi.com to garb me a desktop of Tuzanor.

It's not the same Minbar that they showed in the Babylon 5 show! Why is it so different.


It makes my computer look all cool and dorky, just the way I like it.

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Anyone else notice the bed in the Captain's quarters (on the right, in the wall)? It's not slanted. Maybe it's not the bed, but it looks suspiciously bed-like to me. Why would a bed on a rangers ship be horizontal, when minbari sleep slanted? I noticed it during the movie, too, when G'kar came in to talk to David.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Psi-gryphon:
Why would a bed on a rangers ship be horizontal, when minbari sleep slanted?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Well, since David is Human, perhaps he asked for the bed to be adjusted to horizontal (or told someone on the crew to do it).

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Or, the Artist assigned to draw the concept sketches wasn't as familiar with Babylon 5 and Minbari as We are.

I would agree that the ship's Captain can certainly manage to have his Bed set up the way He prefers to sleep.

Those who read "To Dream in the City Of Sorrows" will remember that even Sinclair had problems getting his Minbari staff to leave his bed alone, though.
Every time he got it fixed the way he liked it, they'd "fix" it for him.
When he had it Welded into the flat position, they Replaced it because it was "Broken".

Stubborn, these Minbari.

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Yeah, I can see him being able to get it how he wants it, since it is his ship -- but in this case, the bed appears to be built into the wall. As if it was never meant to slant at all. Maybe it was included in the repairs -- entirely possible that the captain's quarters were damaged and he convinced someone to make the bed that way. Sheer speculation, though. It could just have been a goof, for all we know (though the fact that it was in the movie, too, makes that less likely).

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