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Chris Rock: Never Scared


It's been awhile since I laughed that hard. Best Standup I've seen since Richard Pryor -- not only funny, but thought provoking. Abortion, Affirmative Action, Bush, Marriage... damn that was some funny shit.
Man, I totally forgot about, wasn't home, and didn't record it. Now I'll have to wait until Wednesday to watch it.

I was in a NY comedy club on a Monday night and Chris Rock appears to test out some material. Most of it was weak (as is normal when developing a routine), but there were a couple of keepers (yes, he reviewed his set). I can't wait to see if he mentions anything about toaster-shoes or what exactly it means when woman wears a clear pump...
When is it on next and which network? HBO carried the previous stand ups so hopefully I will be able to see this. Wednesday the 21st?
It's on Wednesday at like 2am (Tuesday night, depending on how you look at it). I found it using my ReplayTV guide. I'm sure it will be broadcast a dozen more times, though.

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