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Can someone tell me(SPOILERS)?...


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I started watching the show at the beginning. But, then lost my Showtime for a little bit. But, I have heard that they have found Valhalla & their is a US Government with people unaffected by the big death. Can someone give me a detailed rundown of the recurring storyplots?
This is how it appears at the end of "Things Left Unsaid."

- Valhalla Sector broke up Markus' "Building A New Framework For A Better Tomorrow" meeting in St. Louis with trucks, guns, and tanks. And violence. That was all started by Theo, who fired a gun at the enemy.

- Jeremiah has been taken in by a helicopter - to Valhalla Sector, we think, because he's obviously in a government bunker and his father is staring at him (NOT very happy to see him, I might add.)

- The meeting was cited as being undermining the government of the United States. So there has to be a government somewhere. Whether it's the President or someone else, there *is* a US Government.

- Kurdy is still loose.

- Ezekiel has been shot in the chest.

- Markus and Erin and the others have been taken somewhere. We don't know where. By Valhalla Sector personnel. Or, at least, guys with lots of guns.

- Elizabeth is dead.

- The Big Death has started killing people again.

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